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Equipment And Comments


My Alpine Fireball is everything you could ask for in a hunting bow. Bob Proctor has really done it right with this fine bow. It shoots with consistent accuracy shot after shot. This year for turkey season I set the bow down to 58 pounds. The bow still had plenty of power and shot very flat and I put some gobblers down with it. So I left it at that poundage to hunt bears. And it worked great. The Fireball sent my arrow right where I was aiming and then slammed my arrow through the bear. And it was over. Is it quiet, well, it is absolutely the quietest bow I have ever shot. This is a great bow.


I used the one they call Whitetail Special. It has a 2-inch cut and if you watched my video of my hunt you saw what a big-cut expandable can do to a tough animal like a mature bear. And my picture of the blood on the logs pretty much tells the entire story. Grim Reapers shoots and groups like my field points too. I like that a lot.


The Canadian woods is alive with hordes of flying biting insects. Mosquitoes show up in hordes and start to work on you. And as bad as they are Black Flies are even more fierce and their bites last twice a long. Enter ThermaCELL. Turn it on and mosquitoes and black flies back off. Once I even kept a red hornet from coming in my blind with a ThermaCELL. They are truly amazing.

Leupold Optics

Before the bear hunt I got a pair of Leupold binoculars, the Mojave model. They are the 10 x 50 model. I like the 10 power because it gives me a larger image and its the biggest size I can hand hole. The field of view in these fine binocs is amazingly clear, edge to edge. They worked great in the thick woods — to check out black objects and see which ones were bears and which were not.

SpyPoint Game Cameras

I brought 3 different SpyPoint trail cameras with me and we used them to the max. They quickly let us know what was coming to a bait area: big mature bears, a sow with cubs, small bears, huge bears … and even some wolves. And even more importantly, if bears came during daylight hours. The SpyPoint showed me the slant-eared bear was visiting the bait during the day. He came in too, but I didn’t get a shot. However, I had seen other mature bear pics here and knew my chances were still good to get a mature bear.

Primos Double Bull Blinds

Both myself and Robbie Cramer had bears come to our Primoas Dark Horse blind’s window and look inside and they were not concerned. They simply couild not see us in the darkness of the blind. This blind is quiet, sheds water and goes up in seconds. The window system is flexible and easy to video and shoot through. It is a super hunting tool.


At the ATA Show in January I learned that all living beings constantly produce electromagnetic EMR energy waves. When you are excited you generate more and this energy spike can be ;picked up by animals and tip them off to your presence, because scientific research proves that game animals can sense changes in their EMR environment. HECS clothing blocks 90% of your EMR. So Fred and I ordered some. Did it work? Lets see, a bear stuck its head in our blind’s window. And other bears were only a few steps from us. Looks like it helped out to me.




PEEP SIGHT by Whisper Peep


My carbon arrows shoot true and are tough. Their fletching is the Omni Vane from Goat Tuff Products This vane is perfect for bowhunting. My arrow rest is the Whisperflite Fall Away rest from Alpine Archery. It produces accuracy shot after shot. The Bowquiver is the 5 arrow model from Alpine Archery that can be removed from the bow in the stand, if preferred. The Peep is the Whisper Peep and it has vibration dampening material that makes this quiet bow even quieter. The bowsight is a BoomSlang from Cobra Archery. They are easy to sight in and the bright fiber optics show right up, even in a blind that’s so dark inside a bear can’t see you in it from two arms lengths away.


Every day, the last thing before leaving for the hunt we took a shower and used ATSKO Sport Wash to get totally scent free. It does the job. Beside the HECS pull over shirt and pants I wore black Cargo pants (with plenty of pockets) and a Long Sleeve T-shirt, both of which I bought at Wal-Mart. Plus I used a black face mask that I made. And my black Alpine Archery cap topped it off.


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