E-Z Fletch ‘Mini’ Does 2″ Vanes & Does Them 3 at Once

In the world of fletching arrows no name brings together speed, convenience and accuracy like ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH. With the advent of the Carbon Arrow Shaft, it is apparent that the smaller diameter shafts favor smaller vanes and this is where the new E-Z Fletch ‘Mini’ comes in. For the target archer and bowhunter arrow flight, especially when shooting broadheads, is priority number one.

Randy Phillips, President of ARIZONA RIM COUNTRY made the announcement.

“Smaller diameter carbon shafts don’t need the larger, longer fletching required for wood and aluminum arrows so the trend has been to smaller vanes. The problem with the smaller vanes is getting the most radical helical required to ensure accurate arrow flight when shooting broadheads. The E-Z Fletch ‘Mini’ is designed to fletch vanes up to 2 ¼”, three at a time with the maximum helical possible to ensure the best in faster stabilization and more accurate arrow flight. The new ‘Mini’ brings to bear all the attributes of the original E-Z Fletcher’s but for smaller vanes.”

Phillips added, “Bowhunters demand accuracy and with a broadhead at one end and smaller vanes at the other the new ‘Mini’ provides the maximum helical required ensuring the balance and steerage necessary for maximum arrow flight. For fast, economic, efficient and convenient custom fletching, the new ‘Mini’ is pure Arizona E-Z Fletch and the result, tighter groups and more accurate arrow flight with carbon arrows.”

The ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH is a compact, lightweight unit that is easy to use, even in the field. The patented design ensures precision vane alignment every time.

For those who want precision arrows, want to save money and enjoy doing it yourself, nothing beats the ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH.

For more go to:  ARIZONA RIM COUNTRY

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