By: Senior Evaluator David Conrad

Quivers are an essential part of an archer’s arsenal. Hunters prefer a variety of different kinds and models can range from being integrated into back packs, worn on the hip or most often found mounted to a bow. Today’s quivers also come in a multitude of camouflage patterns and most hunters choose a pattern that matches the bow they shoot or the environment in which they hunt. But what happens if either of those situations changes?

Well Bohning has come out with a new line of quivers that can be changed to match either situation and it is appropriately named Chameleon. The Chameleon comes in two different configurations, a three or five arrow model. Both models come with two camouflage plates as well as non-camouflaged graphite. Additional camoed plates for a total of 8 different patterns are also available.

The Chameleon is feature rich and begins with an adjustable mounting bracket. The bracket uses a double jaw design that clamps down onto the jagged edge of the frame when tightened. This setup allows close to 4 inches of vertical travel and can be adjusted to affix the height position on the bow. You can combine this with the offset that allows the quiver to be better balanced in accordance with the riser. A molded extension on the frame of the Chameleon also allows the quiver to be hung if taken off the bow.

Mounting is accomplished through a standard twist on design utilizing an “x” post swivel to help guide a secondary soft snap post. This combination ensures a solid, secure lock with no rattling or movement what so ever.

The three or five arrow Chameleon secures the arrows in place with two rubber arrow holders positioned 8 inches apart. This distance is ideal and alleviates arrow rattle or vibration when in tow or shooting. Couple this with an all rubber receiver hood for field points or broadheads. The hood is large enough to suitably hold any size broadhead currently on the market. I tested it with a couple different mechanical and fixed blade broadheads and all were totally enclosed. Personally, I prefer the rubberized head when compared to foam inserts as foam is cut and shreds after several insertions as well as aids in broadheads losing their razor edge.

The lower rubber arrow mounts have an elongated tab/lip on the inside face that allows the rubber gripping area to be easily opened when securing an arrow into the quiver. No more worries of pinching and forcing an arrow into the holder. It is also a very quick method and will handle a variety of arrows from slim carbon to fatter aluminum shafts. The rubber seems to hold up well in different temperature extremes so it should be a great choice for colder weather climates.

The pricing on the two models are very acceptable within the market place and range in the lower to upper $30 price point. The quiver is quite a bargain when compared to other quivers sold at twice the price.

In conclusion the Chameleon combines a solid locking mechanism, ridged frame and arrow holders. The composite plastic material should give exceptional life to the mounting components and hold up well in all types of environments. And something that really makes this a good product to buy, the Chameleon is made in the US. With so many products being made in China, Mexico, Taiwan, India and more, its nice to see an American company make something right here. Kudos to Bohning. The only issue I see with the quiver is the camouflage band could be a little wider or maybe expanding on it by offering a totally enclosed magnetized head cover.

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