By: David Conrad Senior Evaluator

Preparation for the fall hunting season is never an ending story for me. After the season this never ending story begins immediately through scouting. The practice of shooting my bow is also another factor which never really ends. There are other procedures I do throughout the months following and leading up to the season which include checking out my equipment and replacing anything worn out as well as the others mentioned. The final steps I perform before the season is to get my camouflaged clothes in order, body and hair soaps in order as well as field sprays. This final task has been made a lot easier thanks to the Dead Down Wind complete product line. A line composed of products that take care of the three basic groups for hunting, Laundry/Storage, Personal Hygiene and Field products.


I have 6 to 8 camouflage outfits which allow me concealment for the majority of environments that I hunt. I use DDW Laundry Detergent because it utilizes a bioengineered formulation known as Enzyme Scent Prevention (ESP). This technology achieves the highest level of cleaning by combining enzymes, chelating or binding agents and UV protection. My wife is sometimes suspicious of the detergent I use in the washer. No problem because DDW is approved for use in high efficiency washers. When completed I then hang my clothes out in the woods to air dry. The only time I remove them into a sealed container is right before a hunt or a major thunderstorm.

DDW Laundry Detergent.

I do on a successful hunt, tend to always get blood somewhere on my camo. Most often from dragging the animal out. The DDW laundry product has never let me down. Blood, dirt and grass stains seem to vanish without the tedious task of soaking.


With personal hygiene I am speaking about soaps or deodorants and powders used on the body. These products are the first line of defense in eliminating as well as preventing odor. I begin by showering with DDW bar soap and shampoo. But the defense doesn’t end when I exit the shower. The favorite DDW product that boosts my confidence in all day odor protection is the e2 ScentPrevent Body Foam.

ScentPrevent Body Foam.

The foam product is easy to put on and can be used directly on the skin. I squirt a handful and rub it on immediately after toweling off from the shower. I follow this up by applying ScentPrevent Antiperspirant which prevents odor causing bacteria from starting at the critical parts of the body. I conclude my ritual by applying e2 Foot Powder in my socks and hunting boots. With half a million scent pores in my feet, DDW e2 Foot Powder is very effective at eliminating the bacteria from foot moisture. All the personal hygiene products contain the powerful enzyme technology which not only eliminates put more importantly continues to work throughout your day in the field which are safe to use in direct contact with your skin.

DDW e2 Antiperspirant.


Field Products are represented by the Evolve3 ScentPrevent sprays and concentrate packets which are critical to remaining scent-free while in the field. This advanced enzyme technology eliminates and further prevents a very broad spectrum of odor molecules whether natural or synthetic. The field sprays come in a variety of sizes enabling you to purchase the size or combination of sizes which are right for you. I especially like the fact that Dead Down Wind has Pac-It Concentrate refills. On a multi-day hunt I throw 2 or 3 of these in my backpack along with the 12 ounce DDW Evolve3 Field Spray bottle. Then when I am running low I open a packet and combine with water that I pump through my compact filtration system. Now you can use stream or pond water but I utilize the filtered water for the ultimate insurance. I am a scent free freak! The packets take up very little space and can replenish the 12 ounce spray bottle.

DDW Pac-It Concentrate refills.

Dead Down Wind offers a variety of the Evolve3 ScentPrevent field sprays in a number of packaging sizes from 12, 24 to 32 ounces as well as a 64 ounce refill container. I also am partial to the Field Wash Cloth, which is great to use to wipe down after the walk into your stand. This fall I will be combining the 12 ounce spray bottle, Pac-it refills, Field Wash Cloth as well as the E2 foam into my stand. I like to use the foam as a refresher to the Field Wash Cloth.

For a great all inclusive kit, Dead Down Wind offers the new ESP Camp Kit. It includes all the essentials to get you started, Body and Hair Soap, Laundry detergent, Checkmate wind indicator, Odorless Hand Sanitizer, and a 12 ounce Evolve Field Spray with 2 Pac-it refills. It comes neatly packaged in a handy totable nylon zip case.

With all the chemicals in products today, especially in the scent elimination market, I like the fact that Dead Down Wind lineup are safe to use in direct contact with your skin. The laundry products as well are composed of earth friendly green formulas which are fiber friendly and color safe. Hunters are environmental caretakers and it is nice to know that DDW shares that dedication.

In conclusion, all the year long hard work you put into your hunting efforts could be all for naught if you don’t take the ultimate protection in scent and odor prevention and elimination. I highly recommend the entire line of Dead Down Wind Products. DDW has you clearly covered when it comes to all aspects and areas of scent prevention, from shower to stand!

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