Hang ‘Em High Makes Hoisting Game Easy

Carolina North, MFG of Kernersville, NC had a tremendous hit with their versatile Rope Ratchet and they seem to be in line for more success with their newest innovation the ‘HANG ‘EM HIGH’ Hoist.

The ‘HANG ‘EM HIGH’ Hoist was designed for hoisting loads under 250 lbs and features the Rope Ratchet as the center point. Easy to use, the pulley S-Hook is secured while the object to be hoisted is secured to the Ratchet hook. Once in place the Ratchet Rope is pulled raising the item. There is no need to tie off as the Ratchet locks in place as the rope is pulled. The ‘HANG ‘EM HIGH’ offers a 2:1 Pulling Ratio and comes with 20’ of sturdy, 3/8” Solid Braid Camouflage Rope. The unit weighs a light 1.5 lbs making it the perfect hoist for field use on Game Feeders, Field Dressing of Game and many other hoisting jobs at the workplace, shop or home.

Makes hoisting game, feeders and more a simpler task.

The Hoist features an easy to use 1/8” ‘Rope Pull’ Release that is activated to lower the item hoisted.

For more go to: CAROLINA NORTH 

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