By: Terry Harris – Jim Fletcher Archery

1. Start by locating the correct spot for the peep on the bowstring. Location will vary from person to person depending on anchor point, bow axle length, front sight location, etc.

2. Separate the bowstring into two equal halves. I much prefer bowstrings that have the strands separated into two bundles such as the Zebra type bowstrings. These types of bowstrings have less rotating problems with the peep. Use care and the proper tools to halve the bowstring. There are several good tools that are made just for this purpose such as the String and Cable Separator from Neet Products or the EZ String Separator. Place the peep at the predetermined spot in the halved bowstring. Make sure the peep will tilt so that it is facing you at full draw.

Minor vertical adjustments can be made with the peep but take care when sliding the peep in the bowstring. Too much adjustment may fray a strand.

3. Once the peep is properly located, take a length of serving thread and wrap it around and in the groove around the peep one complete wrap. You should end on the side where you started.

Tie a square knot after you snug everything up and put a drop of glue on the knot.

I have found Brownell #4 nylon serving thread to work the best. Use Fletchtite  or  Goat Tuff Glue or other fletching super glue for the knot. Take care using the glue and make sure you don’t get any on the bowstring. While it never has happened to me, I have heard of bowstrings being damaged from the super glues and you may need to slide the peep into a different position. Trim off the excess serving.

Now is a good time to check the peep for roll. You may need to make some adjustments to make sure the peep rolls into your face properly. This may mean anything from twisting the peep the way you need to roll to putting the bow on a press and rotating the string if necessary. Sometimes taking one strand off of one side of the peep and putting it on the other side so the peep will roll to that side will do the trick. Once you get it set it should stay.

4. To serve the peep in place, start by wrapping serving string under the bowstring and tying a granny knot on the top side.  Then tie a granny knot under the bowstring opposite and ahead of the first knot.

Now tie a series of knots the same way, one up and one down, one up and one down until you have a line of knots.

I usually go about 11 knots and then tie a square knot. Put a spot of glue on the knot and trim the excess serving when the glue is dry. When one side is done, serve the other end of the peep just the same. Slide the servings toward the peep until snug. There are other ways to serve the peep but this is the easiest and fastest.

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