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Some archery and hunting companies sent products to give away to the folks who came to the 2011 bear hunt. It was indeed a pleasure to pass out these fine products from ThermaCELL, Alpine Archery, Strut & Rut, Goat Tuff, Opti Vanes and Buck Stop.

ThermaCELL – What could be more welcome in this mosquito and flying insect land than something to keep them away from you? ThermaCELL is just that and everyone was pleased to receive their ThermaCELL unit and package of pads and fuel. We’ve used ThermaCELL’s for years on our bear hunts and it is absolutely the best insect repellent there is. Website:

 Alpine Archery – Knowing the wind direction is always important to us bowhunters. Alpine Archery’s new ‘Super Duster’ Wind Detection System is the product for the job. A lot of thought has gone into this system. The unit has a fastener that clips around your belt or to your pack so you can always have it with you when you need it. When you squeeze the unit a puff of scentless powder comes out and floats away on the wind. Website:

Goat Tuff – Everyone received a package containing Goat Tuff glue and Opti Vanes. Having used Goat Tuff to fletch arrows and glue other things back together I know it is the best glue I’ve ever used. It holds tight and doesn’t come loose.
Goat Tuff is specially formulated for arrow making. And it is superior to other glues for a wide variety of uses around the house and yard.  Website:

Opti Vanes – The Opti Vanes are short high profile vanes that are perfect for hunting arrows. The bottom side of the vane is concave and I find that to be a big help for getting uniform glue coverage when I fletch my arrows. Opti-Vanes utilize Fusion® Technology, a patented process that optimizes adhesion, durability and arrow flight. It’s softer base possesses optimum adhesive properties for easier gluing and greater holding strength while the stiffer blade material provides optimum reliability and durability.  Website:


Strut & Rut Energy Shots – Our generous  supply of Strut & Rut came to Canoe Canada and it arrived too late to give to every one who hunted. However there were still 8 of us in camp and everybody gave it a try. It was good tasting. And it gave a boost in energy just as advertised. Fred and I used it  on 3 afternoon hunts when the long days with not enough sleep were stacking up. When you are tired and sitting still in a ground blind, your eyelids get real heavy. In fact, Fred and I were alternating for short naps before the Strut & Rut arrived. It took away that fierce sleepy feeling. This product does the job and it has no after effect.  The other bear hunters had similar comments.

Strut & Rut Energy Shot brings a second-wind to hunters. It enhances your focus and fortitude. The all-natural ingredients including Ginseng and Guarana counteract fatigue and amplifies mental and physical endurance. In addition the great tasting energy shot has zero calories. Website:

Buck Stop – We received a variety pack of one each of several Buck Stop scent products. Mike Ditchler and I used the Bear Bate lure and we saw over a dozen bears. The bear that he got went to the Bear Bate lure several times before Mike took his shot. We put the Bear Sow-In-Heat on some Buck Stop scent pads and they all were snatched up by bears. The buck and hunting lures Buck Stop also sent will be appreciated and used later this year.  Website:



Many Thanks to the Bowhunting.Net 2011 Bowhunting Bear Sponsors:
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