The Archer’s Choice Real-World Buck By Delta Targets

The Archer’s Choice Real-World Buck By Delta Targets

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By: Gary Elliott

Partnering with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, Delta has designed a quality lifelike target that gives you visible anatomically correct vitals, allowing you to see where your shots are really hitting. Measuring 45″H X 12″W X 20″D this 3D target gives you the sense of shooting at a trophy buck. Complete with a 180 degree rotating stand offering you a different shot angle each time.
The Tech Flex E-Z Pull Foam body and insert are made from Microcellular foam giving you durability and ease of pulling arrows from the target and insert. When and arrow is pulled from the microcellular foam it will actually allow the hole to close back up.
I found this target to be very easy to assemble and the twist-lock assembly allows the target to stay together very securely. The visible vitals makes this a lot of fun to shoot at as does the rotating stand adding a little more skill level to your shooting. Removable antlers and durable ears only add to the great features of this target.

I would suggest to allow for longer lifespan of this target I would only shoot field tips into this target Although, the insert is designed to take broadheads, I would again caution that this will chew up any insert much faster.

It seems Delta has made a high quality, reasonably priced target that is in reach of most bowhunters. So, with time ticking down to hunting season I would suggest visiting and check out their full line of 3D and other great targets.

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