Simply put, Timber Valley Fresh Scent™  is unlike almost any other product available today. We bottle and ship deer scent from our does right to your door, within hours of collection!

100% Fresh Doe Urine is collected daily and shipped directly from our does. This is consistently is our best seller.

This is a bold statement considering the sheer volume of attractant products on the market, that would have you believe their scent or special “secret ingredient” will nearly guarantee your immortalized fame in the annals of hunting history. One thing we can all agree on is deer urine is created equal. It is what happens to that scent from the moment it leaves the deer, that sets our products in a league almost entirely of their own.

Deer are extremely social animals and the communication between them has long fascinated hunters and biologists alike. Deer communicate using a variety of visual, vocal, and olfactory (smell) organs. They are able to advertise reproductive cycle, dominance, health, as well as warn other deer of danger using scents secreted and left for other deer to find.

Hunters have long sought out ways to exploit this behavior as a means of increasing their odds of harvesting deer. However, most hunters have experienced less than desirable results. We started raising deer because we were totally dissatisfied with commercially available products. We set out from the start to produce the highest quality, most effective, real deer scents ever.

Bowhunter Chris Brackett with his 2012 buck. Thanks to Timber Valley Fresh Scent

This challenge of perfection quickly became a lifelong quest for Co-owner Cavan Sullivan and compelled him to obtain degrees in Biology and Chemistry and also a MS degree in Biology with an emphasis in reproductive behavior. Cavan’s research both biological and chemical helped TVFS to identify not only the short falls in commercially produced scent, but find the “secrets” to producing the highest quality deer urine attractants ever available. So, what sets Timber Valley apart from the droves of products adorning the shelves?

Timber Valley Fresh Scent is bottled twice daily in season (last week of Sept-Jan) from deer we personally care for and maintain on a daily basis. From the the second it leaves the doe the scent is kept cool as to limit the amount of bacteria that contaminates the scent. Urine is maintained at a temperature below 35° F, until being placed in a shipping container with a cold pack and shipped to your doorstep or outfitter.

No preservatives of any kind are ever added to TVFS urine and all bottles are labeled with the date of collection. Most often, you will receive your order within hours of collection. Because you are buying a fresh non-preserved product you must handle it appropriately.

Dominant Buck Urine 1 oz bottle (Use with Extreme Caution).

Our recommended use-by-date is approximately 2 weeks and the bottles should be kept refrigerated (never frozen) when not in the field.

Timber Valley Fresh Scent estrous scent (4-Play) is extremely limited, a doe is only physiologically able to produce around 20oz of urine during a 24 hour period and TVFS only bottles estrous urine from does that are in a state of heat. This leaves us with at the most 24-36 hours to bottle estrous urine from each doe.

Hunters wait all year for these precious few days so do not let that buck pass out of range this year! TVFS offers a 100% money back guarantee on all products.

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