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Fred Lutger

Bear hunting is one of my passions. I killed my first black bear in Wisconsin in the early 1970’s with a Bear bow. I have lost count over the last 40 years but I think my total bears bow killed is now over 50. I started guiding bear hunts in the early 1980’s. I was lucky to meet up with my partner and great friend, Bud Dickson from Atikokan, Ontario, Canada. Bud had just started his bear outfitting business. He asked me to join him in a bear hunting adventure that still lasts today.

Guiding hunters gives me great joy. My hunters’ success is my success. This year my hunters went 11 for 11. It is a fun week when the hunters are seeing a lot of bears. Hunters were bringing bears in every night. This year we had no lost bears. The longest blood trail was less than 110 yards. Most of the bears were found by the hunters and they made my job easy.

This is Randy Kronik with a large snapping turtle he caught on the lake by our cabin. Rnady was the last hunter in camp to bag his Canadian black bear.

Most of my hunters are return clients. I call them clients but they have all become close friends. We work as a team and help each other through out the week. Our goal is for every hunter to have a safe and fun hunt. Taking home a trophy bear is iceing on the cake.

This year I filmed my good friend Robert Hoague. We take turns hunting and filming. Last year Robert filmed me shooting a huge bear with a Barnett Predator crossbow. I hunted on the ground in a Primos Dark Horse ground blind. What a thrill being face to face with such a magnificent animal.

Ground hunting makes for a quick kill with a perfect angle for a double lung pass through. Five of my hunters used the Dark Horse ground blind this year. All the recoveries were 40 yards or less. Quite impressive to say the least.

The Primos blind makes my job easy too. I have more than 70 bait sights. I can walk in with a blind and be hunting in just a few minutes. Bears completely ignore the blinds, unless they get a little curious and come over to check it out. That has happened on occasion.

I like to film and take pictures at ground level. It makes for great pictures and great footage. I filmed Robert’s kill from 12 yards. The viewer gets to be up close and personal. You feel like your are sitting in the blind with us.

If you are an experienced bear hunter or a first timer, come join us. We hunt August 15th each year. Western Ontario is a great place to hunt. The bear population is at an all time high. The bears here grow big and there is a good chance for a P&Y bear if you have the patience to wait one out. (Contact me at or by phone 708-532-4133.)

If you like to fish, we have great small mouth bass, northern and walleye fishing. Help fill up our fryer every night! Fresh fish is my favorite food. I’ll even make my secret dipping sauce for you.

Our hunt starts on August 15th every year. The weather is gorgeous. The bears are very active on the baits. The hides are fantastic and make great rugs or full mounts. We have color phase bears in our area. We usually get one or two each year. But most of the bears we encounter are black with a white patch or “V” on their chest. We try and video our hunts to share on And Robert does a great job of getting all the hunters stories up.

Life’s too short to wait another year. Join us in 2012.

Hunt safe this fall. Deer camp is calling,


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