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Hey hunters, if you have never hunted using a decoy then you could be missing out.

By: Mitch Smith

Using a decoy can be productive at times and bring deer in close for a shot, but you want to be careful on how you place the angle of the decoy, depending on what decoy you choose to use. And sometimes you can alter or change the attitude of the deer when using a decoy.

When using a doe decoy you want to place it within your effective shooting range and either broadside to your position or with the rump of the decoy toward you at an angle. Then you want to place some doe estrus scent onto the rump of the decoy. This will cause the buck to come in with more of a calm attitude ready to breed. And the buck will usually approach the decoy from the backside, or the rump side of the decoy giving you a better angle for the shot.

Now if you are going to be using a buck decoy it is basically the same way except you want to place the decoy either broadside or with the head of the decoy toward you at an angle. Place some dominant buck urine scent onto the rump of the decoy. This will cause the bucks to come in with a more dominant and aggressive behavior.

When using a buck decoy the other bucks will usually approach the decoy from the head part of the decoy ready for an altercation. Now you will have to keep in mind that using a dominant buck urine with a buck decoy can possibly cause the smaller less dominant bucks to be nervous and not come in as readily, but can be productive on getting a dominant buck’s attention. I also use grunt and rattling calls when using a buck decoy.

Bowhunter Joe Nawrot used a Montana Decoy to take this nice trophy buck.

We think that using a decoy in an area with scrapes, adding the proper scents and using calling techniques at the right time of the year can be a lethal combination. If you have never tried this before and want to try it then just make sure on how you place the angle of your decoy.

Here at Mitch Smith Outdoors we want everyone to have better success. I hope these tips will help you all have better success at harvesting a deer. If anyone has any questions, or comments or if any of our hunting tips has helped you in any way then feel free to contact us we would like to hear from you. You can also visit us at our website. Good luck to everyone this year!

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