By: Shane Renard

Now, that you know archery season is around the corner, it’s time to condition your body. No matter what you are hunting you need to take some extra steps to be more prepared for the hunt. Most hunters maintain the archery tackle, but how many prepare the body & mind?

Here are a few good exercises to prepare you this season.

Now, as precautions to preparation don’t overexert the muscles thinking you’re improving your muscle stamina. During your exercises, many repetitions with less weight; is better than more weight and less reps.

For the beginner, muscle memory is important for accuracy and comfort of the cumbersome acclamation of shooting a bow for the first time. Many questions arrive during this process. What is my proper draw length, what is the right draw weight for me? Finding a good reputable archery pro shop in your area will have the knowledge to get you on track!

Proper form and comfort comes with time and experience. Don’t get frustrated. Take the time to talk with a bow technician and take advice to become more accurate and enjoy the sport. If you have an article that you would like to see published or would like me to write on a subject please feel free to contact me at

I want to thank a friend Debbie for giving me the idea for this article. Thank you Debbie.

Hunt Hard, Hunt Safe.
Shane Renard
Co-Host/Co-owner “After the Snap’s North American safari”