Don’t Get Left Behind the Stealth Night Hawk Hybrid

Stealth Night Hawk Hybrid

From: Aaron McCaleb – Source Outdoor Group

Enjoy a longer, worry-free hunt with the new 72-volt Stealth Night Hawk Hybrid, the most innovative, multi-functional vehicle ever designed and manufactured in the US.

Thanks to the Night Hawk Hybrid’s Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), you get up to 80 miles on a full eight-hour charge and three gallons of gas. The APU creates and supplies current and has been customized for the Stealth Hybrid. With this type of long-lasting power, you can hunt with confidence all day long.

Unlike other hybrids, which are powered by a dual gas combustion engine and electric motor, the Night Hawk Hybrid’s APU is much quieter and has fewer parts to break. With a 30 horsepower electric motor, 130 ft. lbs of peak torque and an insulated and muffled motor, the Night Hawk Hybrid gets you there quietly, quickly and without fuss. Now your range is limited only by the amount of fuel you carry.

3-in-1 Dump Bed with Conversion Capability

The newly designed cockpit interior styling combines cutting-edge style with convenience and function. The versatile Stealth exclusive cargo bed has a configuration to handle any task, from carrying your next trophy out of the woods to carrying your friends to their next hunting spot. It also includes a dump feature. The Portable Power Station offers you the ability to run 120 volt for power tools or 12 volt for accessories.

Other features include a wet cell battery system, dash-mounted battery fuel gauge, 700 AMP controller, -13 degree F to 135 degree F operating range, an onboard 13 AMP charger/maintainer, and a forward- and reverse-switching system.

Key Features:

Portable Power Station


Stealth Night Hawk is the only Electric UTV that has been granted a tax credit by the state of Colorado. The potential available tax credit is $5,947. To locate a Colorado dealer, click here.

Join Stealth Revolution. Don’t get left behind.

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