The breeze takes the scent down wind where the bucks can follow their noses right to you. 

Outside of the compound bow, camouflage and treestands, probably the single biggest reason for bowhunter success has been the intelligent use of scents and lures. Bill Moore of HOT TRAILS has taken the scent business into a whole new realm of success with his innovative line of candle scents.

Bill Moore states, “Liquid scents evaporate when exposed to sun and wind and freeze around 32 degrees. They are also strongest and most effective when first poured, not giving the forest time to settle down after the hunter enters the area. 

HOT TRAILS are light, unbreakable and easy to use. Each will burn for up to 5 hours, releasing a constant flow of scent out to 500 yard and more. Imagine getting to your stand at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, lighting your HOT TRAILS Scent candle and still have it burning at 6 o’clock in the evening! The scent is strong and irresistible to game and when you leave the area, HOT TRAILS goes with you.”

HOT TRAILS Scented Hunting Candles And Mini Lantern are small, lightweight, convenient, and simple to use. Just light, and let the candle and wind do the rest traveling on the air to the game. The HOT TRAILS Starter Kit comes with Mini Lantern and 4 scent candles.

Hot Trails Candles are now available in these enticing scents: Doe-n-Heat, Dominate Buck, Deer Corn, White Oak Acorn, Deer Corn, Deer Apple, Persimmon, Earth, Elk, Anise For Bear, Honey For Bear and new for 2003, Cinnamon Scented Candles For Bears, Bacon Scent Candles for Bear and Coyote and Fox Attractant Scent Candles.

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