From: Aaron McCaleb – Source Outdoor Group

Spot your prey before it spots you with the new Kowa SV series, which is designed to give you an edge up in the field. The highly reflected multi coating on the lenses and prisms, including the phase-coated roof prism, minimizes the loss of light and produces a clear visual range and sharp image, which are useful at dawn and dusk when animals are the most active.

Your hands may shake as that trophy animal approaches, but you won’t drop these binos thanks to the stylish, easy-to-grip depressions in the rubber armor.

Mother Nature may be unpredictable, but the SV binoculars provide you with the perfect view every time. Dry nitrogen gas prevents the internal structure from fogging, and the waterproof design protects them when conditions get soggy.

The lightweight design makes the SV easy to tote and hold during extended use in the field. Even with a large 50mm objective lens, the weight of the SV 50 at 740g (10x model} is on par with most 42mm class binoculars. Hunters will appreciate the overwhelming brightness of the 50mm lens with the weight of the 42mm class binocular.

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