From: Sam Burgeson

Wildlife Research Center, inc. is a leader in the scent elimination and hunting scent industry. In their 29th year of business, Wildlife Research Center® continues to introduce new and innovative products to improve your hunting success. New for 2011, Wildlife Research Center® introduces a complete new line of intense new attractor sprays: Sweet Buck Mash™, Sweet Acorn Mash™, Sweet Apple Mash™ and Sweet Corn Mash™.

Wildlife Research Center® understands what it takes to increase your opportunity for success in the field. That is why Wildlife® developed this new line of liquid attractor sprays that deer and other big game absolutely love. They’re made with scents and ingredients tried and tested for years by the experts at Wildlife Research Center® so you know they work! The only hard part was coming up with the right name.

Sweet Buck Mash™ • Sweet Acorn Mash™ • Sweet Apple Mash™ • Sweet Corn Mash™

Sweet Mash™, what better way to describe the sweet delicious smells of quality ingredients expertly blended and brought to perfection. These great smelling intense attractor sprays attract big game and help mask human odor. Spray them liberally in your hunting area and just witness the results!

All of these new attractants are extremely effective all season. The Sweet Buck Mash™ is a penetrating sweet smell that deer just love. Sweet Buck Mash™ is enhanced with Special Musk and ingredients to draw in deer all season long and especially during the rut. Spray any of the new attractor sprays to attract big game and mask human order around your hunting area.

Each attractor spray is available in a large 24 fluid ounce spray bottle and has an MSRP of $12.99.

Sweet Mash™ Sprays – Make Your Spot Smokin’ Hot!™

For more information on the entire line of scent elimination products and hunting attractants/lures go to: Wildlife Research Center