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By: Jim Miller

How many times have you gone into a Sporting Goods Store and seen every kind of scent attractant on the wall?  Heck, some of them were left there from last fall/winter!  How effectively do you think those bottles of doe urine in Estrus will really work this fall?

However, if you are in a quandary and really need “doe Urine in Estrus” you will probably buy what is available.

Last winter, while at the ATA Show in Indianapolis.  I met an old friend of mine from Wisconsin, Sam Woods and he was all cranked up about a new product from Timber Valley Fresh Deer Scent.   Company man Cavan Sullivan was with Sam and they started telling me about Timber Valley Fresh Deer Scent and showing me all of the success stories from hunters who had used their scent.  Well, you don’t have to beat me over the head to recognize a good product when I see one so I told Sam and Cavan that our Second (2nd) rut was about to kick off  in South Texas and I sure would like to try the product.

I got home and packed to go to Southern Cross Whitetails Ranch and hunt the Second Rut.  Cavan had kept his word, there sat a box of some of the strongest smelling Deer Urine, I had ever smelled.  My wife told me “Don’t you dare bring that stuff into the house”.  So I took everything into my garage, ‘my man cave’ and prepared to leave the next day for South Texas.  I arrived and could not wait to doctor up some inactive scrapes and put out a couple of scent bombs, hanging in trees, bushes with the Timber Valley Fresh Scent.

That afternoon it was unreal how the bucks that came into where we had done some tailgate feeding.  Does, fawns and bucks were everywhere.  As soon as those Bucks hit the scent trail of the 100 % Fresh Doe Urine that I had sprayed onto a scent bomb and then reactivated scrape with some (4-Play) those bucks would absolutely go crazy. They would start Fleming, roping salvia and making all kinds of rutting noises. Folks, these products are the real deal.  The proof is in the results as I did shoot a really great 10 point buck in the low 150 class.


Timber Valley Fresh Scent helped author drop this nice trophy.


This is what I know about Timber Valley Fresh Deer Scent, the company was founded in 2005 with a family tradition and philosophy of collecting the freshest, highest quality deer urine possible from their own herd.   It’s unlike any other hunting product available on the market.  These folks have gone to great lengths to develop deer scent products that exceed even the highest expectations.

Timber Valley Fresh Deer Scent 100% Doe Urine:  This product is collected from doe deer in their natural cycle, only during the fall and winter months.  This urine is as close as it gets to the cycle of your wild deer herd. Their does are not given any hormones or changed lightning to alter their cycle.  This product is perfect for making a mock scrape, putting on a drag, or putting on a scent pad.  This product is consistently their Best Selling product, every fall.

100 % Fresh Buck Urine:  This Buck Urine, product has also performed great, collected from bucks in top breeding condition .CAUTION: Dominant buck urine can cause non-receptive does and subordinate bucks to take cover and or run to the next county.  They have no desire to tangle with a dominant buck in full rut.  This product is designed to enrage the dominant buck in your area by making him think there is new guy on the block looking to steal his ladies.  When the right buck catches a nose full, be ready he will come looking for a fight.

100 % Fresh Estrous ‘4-Play’ Timber Valley Fresh Deer Scent, collects this Doe-In-Heat product is collected from does brought into a state of estrous using a hormone therapy similar to that used in artificial breeding.  AI is becoming a very popular procedure in the Whitetail Industry and one whiff of this product and it’s all of the foreplay most bucks need to become absolutely nuts.  Remember, a small amount goes a long way, use on drags, mock scrapes and scent pad application works best. (Limited Supply so order soon).

Timber Valley Fresh Deer Scent Volumizer 2-3 Use Package:  This was a new product in 2010 and was another huge success.  The folks at TVFS developed this product and found the most effective way of applying a fresh urine product was forming a Gel Crystal and is (Pre-Mixed with Fresh Scent) at a ratio of 1 part Scent Volumizer to 2-3 parts fresh urine and estrous scent when in season.  Gel can then be applied to scrapes, drag rags, tree trunks etc.  Works by increasing the surface area and thus heightening the scent released into the area.

I would highly recommend that you contact the folks at Timber Valley Fresh Deer Scent now to make sure you have your supply on hand. Remember to always keep your scent refrigerated.

For more info go to:  www.TVFreshDeerScent.com

EMAIL: sullivan@tvfreshscent.com

Good Hunting:

Jim Miller