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'Aspirin Buster' Frank Addington, Jr.

I am working on a wrap up column for 2011, it was a great year. Along the way late this summer I starting doing a few new shots that I’ll add to my performances in 2012. The latest shot is 12 arrows at once! While performing at Denton Hill this summer a little boy in the audience asked me to please try 20 arrows at once. I didn’t have 20 but told him I’d do how ever many I had. Jake Chapman found my arrow case and brought me the remaining arrows, which made a total of 12. So I loaded all 12 in the bow and tried it… and hit my target. I have added this exciting shot to my show now on a regular basis.

Frank thrilling audiences everywhere.

Another new shot that’s already getting lots of attention is a mustard seed! I did this one this summer in front of 15,000 at Deerassic Classic, they had a video camera and jumbotron screens set up. When I do it at the typical sports show, I bring 5 volunteers from the audience and let them stand on stage to confirm the hit. With me, the thrower and the 5 volunteers that makes 7 sets of eyes on the mustard seed at various angles. At one of my last shows of the 2011 season I attempted to hit 3 mustard seeds with 3 arrows–from mid air and from behind my back. When the arrows struck the seeds the spotters all confirmed the hit… When I do this shot on stage I dedicate it to Rev. Stacy Groscup and cite Mathew 17:20.

Spectacular shot - hitting a mustard seed thrown in the air, with an arrow.

Although my show has remained consistent for the past 26 years in the main themes, I want to keep raising the bar and challenging myself. The audiences appreciate the fact that sometimes on the smaller targets it takes a shot or two. When you do what I do, you can’t have a fear of missing or be afraid to try new things on stage. I know I’m going to hit the target even if it takes several attempts. I use a thrower the shows provide at each venue so that means these targets never fly the same two weekends in a row. This has helped keep my shooting sharp and my eyes keen. I never know where the target will go or how fast it will travel.

You can read more on my shows at . I appear at major sports shows, hunting and fishing expos, and related events across the United States. In my off season I also do performances at Church events and camps. It’s a family message that promotes archery and the outdoors, as well as a drug free message. Seeing is believing, see you at the show!

Special thanks to Hoyt, Easton, Muzzy, and my other sponsors…  great gear and great folks.  That’s the latest.  Hope you are having a great fall.  Until next time, Adios and God Bless.

Frank Addington, Jr.