Aerovane Jig offers:  High precision: up to 1/72 of a degree
Aerovane Jig’s index is made of titanium hard coated CNC aluminum matted with ABEC#5 ceramic ball bearing for perfect alignment and smoothness.  The matched support hook is also supported by 2 ball bearings which allowing the arrow to be fully supported and for smooth operation.  For arrow holding, a triple O-rings plus a wedge design is used to ensure perfect arrow holding while fletching.  The duel magnet design allows precision angle adjustment.  Each magnet are supported by independent 1mm per turn brass machine screw which can be further tightened by hand for fine adjustment and locked down via an allen key.

For 2012, there are quite a few improvements we did to the Aerovane Jig.  We have change the material of a few parts from brass to stainless; the hook knob, the depth screw are the two seems to have the most issue with customer who use their tools seriously.  With stainless parts, they are that much more durable.   For long term durability and be able to maintain the precision of the index, we added an index plug.  So in case the index ever fell loose due to wear , the only thing one need to do it is to replace the plug which will bring the jig back to the 1/72 degree or better in precision.  Last, with the adjustable chuck and hook ready, it is obvious we need a way to level the jig so, a bulls eye level is now part of the jig and an arrow water level is also availed.  All these improvement do not come cheap, but we only added $25.00 to the bare jig price, the bare jig is now retail for $124.95.  Everything should be available by December 4th 2011, so it can be a good addition to your Christmas list.

New G nocks size chuck

There are also a 0.166″ chuck system which comes should be used with the adjustable chuck for the archer who prefer the G nock which fit into different outside diameter arrow.  The fix size chucks are made 303 stainless with 3 sets of O-ring for perfect alignment and solid grabbing of arrows.  For those who wanted maximum flexibility an adjustable chuck and hook system which will be available as an option to cover 0.115″ to 0.667″ by 1st quarter of 2012.

High Portability
Firenock will also offer the Aerovane Jig in 2 a complete package.The package which includes the Aerovane Jig, Aerovane Clamp, Aerovane Glue, 3+1 sets of chuck and v-notch combinations, 4 axis fully adjustable neck, base, space for a bottle of acetone and space for some Q-Tips, but there will be 2 in 2 grades of of 2 compartments carrying case (deluxe and normal) offered.These full protection carrying case allows archer to travel to the remotest places, but still have the ability to fletch arrows as if he was back at home. For those that want to travel light, the jig can easily separate from the neck with the twist of a knob. This design allows the archer to pick and choose how much gear to take with him/her to any specific destination.


Right side: (Embroider side of the bag) Aerovane Jig 2012 (enough space for Adjustable chuck and hook set), Laser Module,& Stainless clamp.   Left side: (Non embroider side of the bag) Base plate, 4-way Adjustable Neck, Water Level, 4 chucks, & 3 hooks

Aerovane Precision Compact Waterlevel
In any bow set up and low viscosity gluing environment, precision waterlevel to make sure the arrow is level is a must.  That is why Firenock offers a precision water level.  It is machined Aluminum, 4 ball bearing, and a brass knob.  It is an open design so it can be position on an arrow from the side without need to thread from either end of an arrow.  The compact design make it extreme portable.  When the counter balance brass knob is at all deploy, the water level is significantly stable.
Perfect refletching with Laser Alignment Module:
Aerovane laser Alignment modules was developed to make vane refletching a single vane and alignment simple and fool-proof set up on Aerovane jig simple and fool-proof.  The high precision one 3 lens optics system one which has a final line with of 0.25 – 0.55mm.  To achieve perfect alignment, best precision and ease of use, the Aerovane laser modules are designed to be mounted about 75 mm right above the Aerovane Jig’s chuck via the 2 holes with its 2 screws, with which the laser line will span from the base of the clamp alignment line to the valley of the hook set at the top of the jig.  With these optional laser modules, perfect single vane re-fletching can be done via any vane that is already installed on the arrow by eyes (which is believed to be 1/4 to 1/16 of a degree accurate).  With these laser line alignment tools, one can precisely make perfect alignment from a perfect center line.  The line laser modules will give a crisp red line on the arrow even shine through the clamp and vane are on the jig through between the clamp and on the vane when it is on the jig for perfect alignment.
After one full year of struggling by finding the right suppliers and listen to our customers, we have come up with the best and with no compromise on the Laser Alignment system.  This ultra thin laser will allow you to re-alignment an arrow to within 1/4″ of degree by alignment the next vane on the arrow to the jig’s index.  As most customer may not shot Aerovane, angle adjustments and position of the vane may need the neck to do just straight as our first design.  By utilizing 2 X 4 way adjustment neck, plus a single plane laser rotational adjustment, it is believe that it can now handle any possible vane position and copy it to the index and the magnet alignments.   Bellow is picture of Laser module mounted on an Aerovane Jig with Laser shinning on the vane, arrow shaft and jig index groove.
 For 2012, due to popular request, all the hook set are also available with the slide ability to do offset up to 1.5 degree to the right.  This allows you to set offset without the need to adjust the magnet and be quite precise (+/-0.25 degree due to eyeballing).  The laser engraved slide hook has 4 markings and should bottoms out at 1.5 degree at maximum setting.  It is a fantastic addition for those who shot slower speed arrow and/or use other vanes beside Aerovane.
For more go to: Firenock

Price and offering
AVJGUS (Ultimate Set 2012) MSRP$ 799.95: which include the jig, 4-way adjustable neck, base, clamp, 4 fix chuck, 3 fix hook with slide, adjustable chuck, adjustable hook, laser, water level, and deluxe camo case.
AVJGMA (Master Set 2011) MSRP$ 419.95: which include the jig, 4-way adjustable neck, base, clamp, 1 chuck set, and deluxe camo case.
AVJGMA (Master Set 2012) MSRP$ 444.95: which include the jig, 4-way adjustable neck, base, clamp, 1 chuck set, and deluxe camo case.
AVJGEU (Enthusiast Set 2011) MSRP$ 349.95: which include the jig, 4-way adjustable neck, base, clamp, 1 chuck set, and black case
AVJGEU (Enthusiast Set 2012) MSRP$ 374.95: which include the jig, 4-way adjustable neck, base, clamp, 1 chuck set, and black case
AVJGBJ (Bare Aerovane Jig 2011) MSRP$ 99.95: Jig with no chuck set
AVJGBJ (Bare Aerovane Jig 2012) MSRP$ 124.95: Jig with no chuck set
AVJGLA (Laser Module) MSRP$ 149.95: line laser alignment module
AVJGNE (Neck) MSRP$ 99.95: 4 -way adjustable neck
AVJGPN (Production neck) MSRP$ 19.95: stainless steel production neck
AVJGBP (Base Plate) MSRP$ 39.95: Aerovane Base to be use with production neck or the 4-way adjustable neck
AVJGCS (Aerovane Clamp) MSRP$ 79.95: 303 Stainless straight Aerovane clamp
AVJGWL (Waterlevel) MSRP$ 24.95: Water level to be use with Aerovane jig, adjustable chuck and the 4-way adjustable neck to level the arrow perfectly before gluing
AVJGAC (Deluxe Case) MSRP$ 99.95: Deluxe camo case with water cut foam for best protection and storage
AVC000 (Adjustable Chuck Set) MSRP$ 175.95: Adjustable chuck and hook set for 0.115″ to 0.667″ size arrow/bolt
AVC000 (Adjustable Chuck) MSRP$ 149.95: Adjustable chuck for 0.115″ to 0.667″ size arrow/bolt
AVJGAH (Adjustable Slide Hook) MSRP$ 24.95: Adjustable hook with slide adjustments on most size arrow/bolt
AVC166 (G Chuck) MSRP $9.95: Fix size chuck for G nock/ 0.166″ ID, no hook
AVC204 (Slim Chuck Set) MSRP$ 19.95: Fix size chuck and hook set for 0.204″ size arrow
AVC244 (Standard Chuck Set) MSRP$ 19.95: Fix size chuck and hook set for 0.244″ size arrow
AVC300 (Crossbow Chuck Set) MSRP$ 19.95: Fix size chuck and hook set for 0.300″ size arrow/bolt
ASC204 (Slim Chuck Set with slide hook) MSRP$ 24.95: Fix size chuck and slide hook set for 0.204″ size arrow
ASC244 (Standard Chuck Set with slide hook) ) MSRP$ 24.95: Fix size chuck and slide hook set for 0.244″ size arrow
ASC300 (Crossbow Chuck Set with slide hook) ) MSRP$ 24.95: Fix size chuck and slide hook set for 0.300″ size arrow/bolt
AG0600 (Aerovane Glue) MSRP$ 9.95: 1oz bottle of Aerovane glue
AEROTL (Aerovane Tool) MSRP$ 1.00: 1/16″square 4″ long brass bar for use non-Aerovane straight clamp