By: Gary Elliott

Ever had your backpack on and suddenly need something from it and then have to decide if its really worth getting because you have to take your pack off to get to it?

Thanks to RIBZ wear this is no longer a problem. The new RIBZ Frontpack puts the gear you need right on your front within easy reach. Originally designed for backpacking enthusiasts, the RIBZ Frontpack is perfect for anyone who needs to carry gear into the field. Made from 210 Denier water resistant rip-stop nylon, the dual compartment 9 oz. Frontpack boasts an average storage capacity of 600 and 800 cubic inches and holds up 10 pounds of gear with sturdy zipper closures.

No more back breaking issues when you’re hunting or hiking causing you to cut your fun short. The Frontpack allows you to redistribute your pack, weight forward, thus reducing shoulder stress and allowing for more comfort, mobility and balance. The pack also allows you to store and quickly access items you need most often when hunting such as, snacks, compass, release, call, cell phone and more. With the RIBZ you only need to make small moves to access the pockets, which is crucial when hunting. In addition to the two front compartments there are also two side compartments also strategically placed for comfort and easy access.

Front view.

Side Pocket.

The RIBZ Frontpack has definitely made a believer out of me. I utilized this pack on a couple of weekend hunts and found it to be extremely helpful when taking necessary items out to the treestand for the day. Everything I needed I was able to put in the front packs and it still allowed me to shoot my bow without interference. Just taking a walk for a couple of miles and carrying a couple of items I found it to be comfortable and convenient.

Perfect fit even when pulling off a shot.

I am sure you will be hearing more about the RIBZ in the coming months so, if you want to learn more about the RIBZ Frontpack visit them at . This pack is made for the outdoorsman, hunter, hiker, fisherman, casual walker and anyone who does things outdoors.

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Review written by: Gary Elliott

*I would also like to thank my son Trevor for taking time out to model the pack for me.