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By: Tracy Breen

If you are into spot and stalk hunting, you know the thrill of sneaking up on big game animals. If you are a spot and stalk hunter, you also know the importance of having top notch gear. It doesn’t take long to bang up your bow and everything on it when you are slipping through the brush or stalking through rocky conditions which are often the norm.  Spot and stalk hunting is much harder on gear than sitting in a treestand waiting for a buck to walk by.

John Schaffer from Schaffer Performance Archery knows how tough spot and stalk hunting can be on gear.  Schaffer lives and operates a pro shop in Minnesota but spends as much time as possible chasing animals across the globe.  Often that means hunting in rugged conditions.  Over the last few decades, Schaffer has tagged almost every big game animal in North America with a bow.  There are only a few more animals he needs to get his Super Slam.

John Schaffer with his trophy mule deer.

Every hunt John goes on is accompanied by the Schaffer Performance Archery Opposition arrow rest and the Opposition bow sight.  John builds both products here in the United States.  They are built to last.

The Opposition Arrow Rest

Both products are unlike most archery products on the market. The Opposition arrow rest cradles the arrow between two fingers that keeps the arrow locked in place all the way through the draw cycle of the bow. After you fire the bow, the fingers slide to the right and left, allowing complete arrow clearance.  This rest has been tested at speed beyond 400 FPS and the rest still gets out of the way.  The nice thing about the Opposition rest is after you hit the button on the rest, the arrow is locked into place.  You can climb a mountain, drop your bow, stalk through corn stubble or bang it against rocks; your arrow isn’t going anywhere.  Check out the You Tube Video of the rest in action by clicking here.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOJAbBGTAsc

The Opposition bow sight is extremely unique. Instead of having all the pins on one side of the sight housing, there are three on one side and three on the other, providing the shooter with more field of view.  Many bowhunters sight in the left pins as even yardages and the right as odd yardages which makes remembering which pin is which much easier at the moment of truth.

The Opposition Bow Sight

The sight comes with a pivot lock mounting bracket which allows the sight to be quickly detached from the bow when you put the bow in the case.  You can quickly put the sight back on and don’t need to sight your bow in.  It is still zeroed in.

All the pins on the sight are metal and the sight is touch as nails.

Many professionals in the industry use Schaffer Archery products.  From Jack Frost to Greg Miller, many people who hunt a lot depend on Schaffer at the moment of truth.  If you are tough on your gear and you need gear that can take a beating but still perform, check out the innovative Schaffer Archery Opposition bow sight and rest.  John Schaffer owns his own pro shop and builds products that bowhunters everywhere can trust.  Check out Schaffer Archery products at a pro shop near you.

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