Hello everyone and greetings from Mitch Smith Outdoors. As everyone knows, deer have great sight, hearing and smell. And their best defense is their nose. Most of these defenses that a deer has can be defeated if the right methods are taken and applied correctly.

There is however, another defense that deer and most of all wild game have that has been, until now, impossible to overcome; human emitted energy. For an example, how many times have you, as a hunter followed all the necessary steps of being undetected to still get busted? You are camoed up, used proper scent elimination and control, used the wind properly, not moved a muscle and still, the game just knows something is not right, are jittery and bolt at the slightest. It is like the game knows that you are there, or something is not right with the area you are in even if the deer does not see, hear you or smell you.

It is like a deer comes in and starts to get close for a shot then all of a sudden they come to a stop and go on alert. They know something is wrong. Something is. They have become alerted by the electromagnetic field all living creatures give off.

World renown bowhunter Bob Fromme never hunts without getting his HECS on.

It is a scientifically proven fact that we as humans produce this energy field and many animal are able to sense this ‘field’. This is why they just seem to know, or sense we are in their general vicinity and change their behavior accordingly. One wonders how many animals have been missed simply because they knew we were waiting to take them down.

This defense could not be defeated until now. Mike Slinkard, the president of HECS-Human Energy Concealment Systems, has created a special line of clothing that disrupts the emanations and has finally given the hunter the edge over all wild game.

Matt Liliquist - another bowhunter who get's his HECS on.

HECS, is the final piece of the puzzle in concealment that when combined with scent control, camouflage and intelligent hunting practices can put the odds in favor of the hunter.

Field tested and scientifically proven HECS-Human Energy Concealment Systems, truly is the Ultimate in Total Concealment.


HECS-Human Energy Concealment Systems

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