By: Rick Philippi

Is it Deer or Hog Season?
That was the question I asked myself while sitting in The Blind Turtle the other night. It seemed like if I looked left I saw hogs and if I looked right it’s the same thing. This year we have already taken thirteen hogs. There has only been one sitting where I have not seen a swine!

Carbon Express and Grim Reaper put this hog down for the count.

The first evening of the 2011 season I had a group of swine come in and I picked out the largest and sent a Maxima Hunter Carbon Express tipped with a GrimReaper broadhead on its way. The hit was good and the hog piled up at 20 yards. GrimReaper’s saying is “Watch’em Drop” and that is what happened. This broadhead is lethal!

Rick just doing his part to cull the exploding hog population.

We have also seen some nice bucks this year that have some great potential. This is really an exciting time for the guys on our ranch. We are now in the 12th year of our game management program and it is paying big dividends. The quality of our deer has jumped to that next level and it just goes to show you what can happen when you have discipline and take a course of action to care for your deer herd. The greatest management tool I can offer, (and it’s free) don’t shoot your bucks until they are at least ‘4’ years old.

Stay tuned for further updates as this has the potential to be a fantastic season.

Thanks to these great companies who have fantastic products that I use and sponsor all of my hunts.