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Everyone wants to know – what Mary Hale do this past year with the PAP? Well, she’s been one active lady on a mission.

By: Mary Hale & Mitzie

January: I attended the Archery Trade Association Show with Aldila, the new owners of Victory Arrows. While there I took the opportunity to touched bass with all the companies that are producing a pink product to be promoted by the PAP. The show was a big success for the PAP and Victory. I am looking forward to a wonderful relationship with the new owners.

February: the archery events started and as always, I and my truck hit the road. The first event was in Florida, I had a chance to say hi to all the vendors and Karen Butler was there (Shoot like a Girl) she is promoting Women’s products and making sure the retailers know what is available and she is a big supporter of the PAP.

March: West Monroe, LA – What a wonderful host they are there to make sure you have all the help you need, I didn’t have to lift a thing. But wouldn’t you know it I was freezing. We had a new Vendor that is making a Pink neck wrap it will cool you or heat you up. Needless to say I was keep warm all weekend.
If you haven’t been to a tournament yet you need to attend at least one.

The Mabo Fishing Classic offed to raise money to help with the expenses of turning the PAP into a Non- Profit Cooperation. Over the summer they put on six events. Victory Archery donated arrows, Bohnning a fletching Jig, Instinct Archey a blue bow with the pink ribbon cut out in the riser, Innerloc pink broadheads, ACU Loc a pink bow lock, Alpen 1 Pair Apex 8×42 waterproof fully coated binoculars, Winchester Archery a compound bow. The tournament helped make one of my dreams come true, thank you Greg Pyle and every one that worked on this project.

April: Paris, TX – The Mayor of the town shows up for this one. They all love the PAP in Texas, and they always want to know what new is happening. There is a story or two to listen to and I was lucky to be there when they need someone to talk too.

Augusta, GA – This event is on a military base so all of our help is the young men and women that are training for their life of defending our country. Before the weekend was over I felt like I knew everyone personally, they all wanted to know about the PAP.
PS: I ate a sandwich that had been setting out in the sun all morning and I spent the day sick. I had been warned but didn’t listen. That will not happen again.

May: Bedford , IN IBO was this weekend but I went to the NASP shoot in Louisville, KY. There were 6,000+ kids at this event including the team from my home town Pikeville, TN, and as far away as Alaska. It was a privilege to attend this event. The kids were so well behaved and some even brought small gifts. The smallest attendee that I saw was playing William Tell. He was a hit with everyone. Dale Voice with Bohning was there also, they donate all the nocks and the pink and white fletching for all the pink arrows for the Victory Pink Arrow.

I had just gotten my camper and this was my first trip pulling my little camper. It was late when I left and arrived back in TN in the middle of a storm. I parked under a tree the next morning I moved the camper and there was a tree limb through the roof so back to Camping world for repairs. They have treated me well, they didn’t laugh too hard. The next trip for repairs was in Sept.New Pink Arrow antenna for the truck made by Double Take Archery.

June: London, KY ASA, Fairview, PA IBO, Metropolis, IL ASA, of the three events in June Metropolis was by far the most exciting, it stormed Saturday , tents blew, there was a tree struck by lightning, after it was all over we had trailers stuck and had to be pulled out by tractors. My refrigerator quite running and I had to stay in Metropolis to have it fixed. Everyone there helped get me back on the road to the next event.

July: Nelsonville, OH seemed low key after Metropolis. We camped in the mountains, and cooked by the fire and there was a live band at the camp site. The owners of the camp ground is now promoting the PAP it seems like ever where I go someone there wants to be a part of the PAP, we going to find a way to prevent cancer.

August: West Monroe, LA this trip to LA was in the heat, 115 actual temperature. On Friday they had food, shaved ice and all kinds of goodies, this went on all afternoon. There was prizes given away and we forgot about the heat just a little.

Next we headed north to Ellicotville, NY thank goodness it was in the far north and we had cool weather. Some of the PAP supporters showed up to help, thank you very much. We talked and talked the entire weekend about the new thing coming up for the Non-Profit Corporation.

On to the Buck Masters in Montgomery, AL having never been here before I didn’t know what to expect, it is an inside event with air conditioning, thank goodness! If you haven’t been to the Buck Master try to make it to this one, it is set up for spectators and there is plenty of shopping.

During the round of events my windshield was broken and I had the side of my trailer damaged, I spent 3 days at camping world getting my windshield fixed and arrangements made to have the side of the trailer fixed.

I am now working with my Attorney Ed McMillen setting up the Non-Profit Corporation this should be finished by the ATA, thank you everyone for your help, I couldn’t do it without you.

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