From: Jim Velasquez – Breaking Daylight Marketing
Mathews® Solocam® Bows, the leading manufacturer of compound bows and Lakewood™ Products, a division of Midwest Textile Manufacturing Corporation, manufacturer of the most rugged hunting and fishing protective cases are working jointly in the introduction of line of protective cases for Mathews® bows. Mathews has licensed Lakewood Products, to design, develop, and manufacture cases featuring Mathews’ own specially designed Lost Camo camouflage on the exterior of the cases.

The new “drop-in” your bow, Bowfile case and the “Quiver-On-Bow” case designs allow ultimate protection and easy access of one’s bow. Mathews’ theory is, once you’ve arrived to your hunting destination, open the Bowfile or “Quiver-On-Bow” case, grab your bow and you’re off to your stand. No more searching in the dark for your bow, quiver and arrows, they’re all together.

The new cases will come in the specially developed Lost Camo camouflage and the Mathews logo, embroidery on the front of the case. The Mathews Lost Camo Bowfile case will easily accept Lakewood’s C-255 arrow case and its C-215 accessory case, also available in Lost Camo, making the combo a handsome and handy hunting traveling package.

“We are very excited to be aligned with the Mathews name and helping carry-on the tradition of bringing the consumer the finest in archery equipment” says Steve Wagnitz, president of Lakewood Products.

The no nonsense cases are sturdy, compact with a foam lined interior to protect your Mathews bow and its accessories. The handsome exterior is lined with thick rugged ballistic nylon to protect your SUV’s interior. All Mathews Lost Camo cases are backed by the Lakewood 10 year warranty and are airline approved.

The Mathews Lost Camo cases are available in Lakewood’s; C-237, C-237T, C-275, C-275T Bowfile and Bowfile Tall Series model bow cases and the C-235 “Quiver-On-Bow” bow case.

For more information regarding the new Mathews® Lost Camo, Bowfile and “Quiver-On-Bow” cases or any of the Lakewood protective cases, visit their website, or call, 1-800-872-8458.

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