From: Aaron McCaleb – Source Outdoor Group

They can’t guarantee that you’ll make a successful shot but Wildwood Genetics can greatly enhance your hunting habitat and herd management.

The people at Wildwood Genetics are passionate about all forms of wildlife and work tirelessly to ensure that your hunting property produces trophy game year after year. Their goal is to bring the highest quality products and exceptional customer service to fellow enthusiasts so that every moment spent afield is one for the record books.

If you are in need of minerals, feed supplements, repellents or are just trying to regulate your year-round food plots, Wildwood Genetics offers a complete portfolio of wildlife food products. For example, the Ex-Caliber® premium mineral mix contains a blend of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and other minerals that will boost antler development and improve overall health in your deer heard.

Rak-Atak® Wide Spread 16% granulated is mixed from harvested grains and grain by-prodcuts and is enhanced with minerals and proteins to produce bigger, healthier racks on consistently fed deer.

For food plots, Wildwood Genetics offers a variety of forage, such as the Alyce Clover, a warm-season annual legume that provides forage in summer and early fall and withstands grazing pressure by deer. These are just a sampling of the numerous products offered by Wildwood Genetics.

As renowned experts in seed, fertilizer and pesticides, Wildwood Genetics offers tailored recommendations on land use planning for creating and maintaining wildlife habitats. Soil sampling services, weed management advice, GPS acreage mapping and seed selection assistance is also offered for your fertility and seed bed preparation needs.

Whatever you may be looking for this hunting season, trust the experts at Wildwood Genetics®, you will soon see why they say “Wildlife Is Our Game!®”

For more information please visit them online at: Wildwood Genetics