This morning I slept in. But Jeff Neal woke me up to take pictures. Jay Leichty had just texted him that he had arrowed a 7-point buck. I pulled on my pants and a jacket and Jeff and I got into his Polaris Ranger (the powerful all electric 4-Wheeler provided by Don Wood Polaris.)

After a 15 minute drive through wet, muddy, steep, rough Ohio terrain we met Jay at the treestand where he shot his buck. It wasn’t much of a tracking job, we could see the buck’s antlers sticking up out in the food plot. I turned on my video camera and got the story and we recovered the buck. Plus, Jay had a surprise for us.

Click on the video below to play it. Only minutes after arrowing his buck Jay Leichty tells us about his hunts.

Jay Leichty with his 2011 Ohio buck taken at the Ryan Outdoors Writers Camp. Jay used a Grim Reaper Mathews Edition broadhead ... and Jay watched him drop.

Jay Leichty is the owner of Grim Reaperr Broadheads. The Grim Reaper Broadhead web site has  information and pictures as well as comments from Grim Reaper users ( and has a Dealer Finder where you can find a dealer near you.

The manufacturers attending this Writers Camp are; ATSKO, ( Mike Jordan), Grim Reaper Broadheads (Jay Liechty), Heartland Wildlife Institute (Jeff Neal and Les Ray), Nikon (C. J. Davis), PRADCO Outdoor Brands (Mike Mattly), Lost Camo, (Keith Jennings). Other manufacturers that have provided product are; Darton Archery, Don Wood Polaris, ThemaCellFall Guy ( Integrated Safety Systems) and GameHide.

Outdoor writers are;  Bob Humphrey, Joe Byers, Tim Dehn of ArcheryTrade mag, Robert Hoague of, Jim Miller of Great Southwest Outdoors TV show, and media expert Bruce Ryan.