Collin Cottrell

I look forward to the Archery Trade Association Show (ATA Show) every year and this year was no different! I enjoy this first look approach of the latest and greatest archery and hunting products, straight from the companies to the media and dealers, on one large show room floor! I would call it the Super Bowl of archery products and innovations.

I had the chance to visit with many different outdoor business owners,  industry marketing gurus and cutting edge companies at the show. They all had one common goal; help the average consumer be a better hunter, design better hunting products and make the new products as affordable as possible.

Here is a few products that caught my eye at the show:

S4 Gear JackKnife

The JackKnife is a bow-mount that allows you to attach and record your bowhunt straight to your phone or small recording device. As a “techie” hunter, I think this is really unique because it allows you to post your hunt straight to Facebook or Twitter profile, just seconds after the shot. An important factor that comes into play when bowhunting is shot placement. This would also allow you to view your shot placement before you get out of your stand and search for your deer.

Check out the JackKnife if you get a chance and let me know what you think:

Xtreme Hardcore Gear V-Twin Rest

This rest was designed because there is more varieties of arrows and different cam systems than ever before which can cause tuning issues. The V-Twin Arrow Rest from Xtreme Hardcore Gear™ has a great way of dealing with this issue. Independent adjustable spring tension on each Teflon launcher allows for custom tuning of side and downward tension. Combine this with the rubber mounted top capture option and you get one of the most adjustable full capture rests on the market today. Billet machined aluminum body and Teflon launchers make the V-Twin Arrow Rest extremely durable and quiet enough to harvest the wariest of big game. I found this rest to be very interesting but the idea behind it makes perfect sense! Check out the new line of Xtreme Hardcore Gear at

True Shot Coach

I wish I had something like this when I started shooting archery and bowhunting. One of the most common errors for new bowhunters is not gripping the bow right. The True Shot Coach will teach new archers how to properly grip their bow, while helping even the most advanced level archers eliminate human induced riser torque caused by grip variance.  By eliminating this riser torque, down range left and right groups are significantly tighter. Very useful new product from Don’t Choke Archery. For more information and to watch their video visit

Black Gold Surge

Black Gold has done it again! They seem to improve on their premium bowsights every year. This year is the Surge which includes Black Gold’s exclusive Inch Wheel Adjustment System, which is fast, easy and simple. This system is calibrated so one full turn equals approximately one inch at 20 yards. The Surge™ also features micro-adjustable BombProof pins. These pins are up to 30 times stronger and the two-piece pins allows for the individual pins to be micro-adjusted. I have shot Black Gold Sights in the past and I plan on upgrading to the Surge this year! Visit for more info.

Not Just About New Archery Products and Gear

Seeing all of the new hunting products is s great part of the ATA Show but I also enjoy the business aspect and catching up with industry friends. I was able to make some new contacts for C3 Engage and meet a few of my current clients for the first time! Here is Rudy Hassall from Winded Bowhunter and Doug Gilmer the Backcountry Chaplain, both are clients that I am currently doing design work for. It was great to spend time with them in Columbus, Ohio!

Rudy, Me and Doug, C3 Engage Clients and Industry Writers

Did you go to the ATA Show this year? I would love to hear about what new products you liked! Leave a comment below, email me or Tweet at me