This past Dec I recieved the following heartbreaking email from Kent Namken a close friend of young Tyler Taschner.

‘On Saturday evening, November 5th, it was extremely windy and Tyler Taschner was positioned in his tree stand. The wind snapped an adjacent tree in half, which fell directly onto Tyler pushing him down through his tree stand. Tyler had surgery to stabilize his spine which was severely damaged due to the trauma. He also sustained 8 broken ribs and one lung was partially collapsed. We are taking everything one day at a time. Tyler is an amazing kid and will be thriving on all the support he will be getting in the many months to come.’ 

For more on Tyler please go to:

Friends and family held a benefit to help Tyler and his family with medical expenses Jan 6. All of us at want to thank the great companies who sent product and subscriptions and wish Tyler the best in his long road to recovery.
A huge THANK YOU! Goes out to all who helped and a special Thank You to Kent who let me know about Tyler.
I hope to have more on Tyler’s recovery in the coming weeks. I know the entire bowhunting community prays for the best for Tyler.