By: David Conrad Senior Evaluator

Bow season in Ohio runs from the last weekend in September to the first weekend in February. During the season the temperature can range from the high 70’s to below zero with weather particularly unpredictable during the prime rut during November. This includes that miserable rain and snow mixture that can drive you from the stand if not properly prepared. I was glad that this year I armed myself with the ScentBlocker Outfitter Jacket and Pants from Robinson Outdoor Products.


2011 turned out to be a very wet season with thunderstorms making me wonder if it was actually November. One particular hunt the first week found me on stand early in the afternoon with sunny skies and temperatures in the sixties. But within an hour I had the hood of my Outfitter jacket secured around my face as a thunderstorm unleashed a barrage that turned a dry crunchy forest floor into silent woods. A few days later found me again in a favorite treestand. But with temperatures in the low forties I attached the Sherpa Fleece lining ensuring me a dry and warm hunt even in windy conditions with cold gusts in the 20 mph range.

The Outfitter Series is made for those miserable days in the woods where a hunter relies on specialty clothing to not only keep them warm and comfortable but scent free as well. Robinson Laboratories has accomplished this by packing the Outfitter Jacket and Pants with details meant for the wet and cold conditions encountered during hunting season.

First off the outfit features state of the art ScentBlocker Cold Fusion Activated Carbon for scent control. This technology is trusted by the NATO Military’s around the world. The micro-powdered activated carbon provides unequaled coverage by being fused onto the fabric. Not only is it a proven carbon adsorption technology but is engineered to be thinner, lighter and softer. This transpires into a hunting outfit that is comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed using during the season. And because I am a stickler when it comes to scent control I appreciate the S3 technology that ScentBlocker uses in the outfit that is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes odor.

What I also like and sets the Outfitter Series apart is the BodyLock Technology encompassed throughout. This allows for maximum absorption of any scent trying to escape from all garment openings. The sleeves utilize adjustable Velcro closures, the jacket bottom, pant waist and legs feature elastic and the adjustable collar ensures maximum absorption. The full length Storm Flap covers the zipper over the total length on the Jacket further protecting you.

During wet weather the rain will bead up and roll off thanks to the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatment of the outer shell. Since water continues to roll off the saturation point of the fabric is extended allowing you all day comfort in not so enjoyable weather. The treatment is so effective that after a good shaking the outfit is virtually dry.

The integrated hood has a built in visor as well with crown and side adjustments. The adjustments keeps the hood from interfering when drawing and aiming a bow or firearm. And thanks to RainBlocker technology the garment is windproof, waterproof and breathable. Breathability is important, allowing perspiration to disperse through the Coldfusion Activated Carbon insuring odor control from the inside out.

As mentioned earlier the Sherpa Wool Vest insert is a great addition for those cold days. The insert is held in place via zippers, snaps and clips. The clips are used as a means of attaching the Tree Spider safety harness within the jacket. The insert also encompasses Windblocker technology to further protect from the elements. On those early season hunts which are cool the vest is ideal all by itself when combined with a ScentBlocker Middleweight shirt.

Archers will really appreciate the innovative arm guard which can be switched to either sleeve. This prevents any bow string slap which may interfere with your release. Being an archer I also appreciate the ample storage that comes from five pockets. They are large and also convenient when it comes to quickly grabbing essential gear. The sleeve also has a “Can Call pocket” for a doe bleat can call, which allows for easy calling. And for those states that require a hunting license to be visible, the jacket features a license holder.

The pants are feature rich as well. With the rubberized waist band you do not have to worry about shirts coming untucked while climbing into a treestand. Pockets are not in short supply with two zippered slash pockets and cargo bellow pockets which feature zippered side entry. This is great for when you need to get into your pocket while sitting on stand. This minimizes movement as well when reaching for a call or range finder. Two rear pockets with snap closures secure even more essentials. And to top it off long 24 inch leg zippers makes it easy for pulling on and off over footwear. Also, all exposed exterior snaps on the jacket and pants are rubberized for silence.

The Outfitter Jacket and Pants are sized to accommodate any size hunter from small to 3X. Hunters can choose from either Realtree All Purpose or Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity to match their hunting environment.

The Outfitter Series Jacket and Pant combines all the features needed when it comes to the wet and cold hunting conditions of Fall/Winter. As you can see from the evaluation this set of clothing is feature rich and was well thought out and designed for the archer. It is one of the best and most reliable in the industry when it comes to comfort, reliability and scent control. I still have a month of late season hunting to go with one more tag to fill and you can bet I will be wearing the ScentBlocker Outfitter Jacket and Pants from Robinson Outdoor Products.

Features: 9.5 out of 10 – ‘Loaded’ is the best word that describes the Jacket and Pants. There are pockets galore, scent elimination and waterproofing that are all combined for exceptional comfort properties for an all day hunt. Conveniences such a leg zippers, elastic waist band, zip out wool vest and integrated arm guard are just a few extra features that push this combination close to perfect. The only thing keeping it from a perfect 10 is a slight noise from the outer shell when temperatures dip well below the freezing point.

Value 9.0 out of 10 – For under $430.00 you get a rugged, quality made, feature rich system that gives you not only maximum protection from the environment but scent suppression as well.

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