From: Glenn Walker – Providence Marketing Group

Gorilla, Inc. a leading manufacturer of performance treestands and accessories is excited to announce the introduction of the new Gorilla® Eye Trail Spy. The Gorilla® Eye Trail Spy is a revolutionary new way to monitor your surrounding fields, food plots, and game trails.

The monitoring game sensory system instantly alerts you when game is identified and detected from as far away as eighty feet. Using universal radio frequency technology, multiple sensors automatically signal to a handheld remote that game is near. The game monitor features a pivoting tree bracket with 6’ tree strap allowing sensor to be pivoted in any direction. The sensor can attach to any tree up to 22” in diameter.

A revolutionary new way to monitor your surrounding fields, food plots, and game trails

“The Gorilla® Eye Trail Spy is one of our new offerings for 2012 in the Gorilla® line of hunting accessories” said Rob Eastman, President of Gorilla, Inc. “The Gorilla team is always working to identify new products or product improvements that will help hunters have a great day in the field; we think the new Gorilla Eye Trail Spy will help deliver on that objective.”

Gorilla® Eye Trail Spy Features:
• Infrared game sensor for 110-degree of remote game detection from as far away as 80’
• Tree or fence post mounted infrared motion sensor with IR technology avoids false detection
• Hunter carried handheld RF frequency remote with selectable alert options / visual LED alert or auditory alert with a transmit distance to remote as far away as 100-yards
• Handheld remote comes with built-in flashlight
• 18″ long neck lanyard with plastic quick disconnect clip allows the remote to be unclipped from the neck lanyard
• Perfect for permanent or portable blinds, and tree or ladder stands
• Rain resistant design
• Requires AAA batteries

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