HECS, a global leader in concealment textiles and manufacturer of its revolutionary new HECS STEALTHSCREEN concealment clothing has been chosen the GEAR OF THE YEAR Gold Winner for Clothing by the readers of Bowhunt America magazine’s annual reader’s poll. The results of the poll were released in the January/February 2012 issue.

Mike Slinkard, President of HECS LLC noted, “HECS has been receiving impressive reviews from top hunters everywhere over the tremendous concealment properties of our HECS STEALTHSCREEN clothing and it is great to see that more and more people are experiencing the benefits of HECS for themselves.”

“I want to thank all those readers who voted for HECS,” said Slinkard. “Science has proven that all living things, including humans, emit faint electric signals and many animals are able to detect and react to these signals. HECS STEALTHSCREEN applies known scientific principles to reduce the human electric signal allowing hunters to get closer to game in their natural undisturbed state.”

“Bowhunt America readers know what they like and what they prefer.” said Sherry Krenz, owner of Bowhunt America. “The Annual GEAR OF THE YEAR program allows our readers to vote for and comment on today’s best bowhunting gear.”

HECS Works - Plain and simple, it just works: Trevon Stoltzfus

The revolutionary HECS STEALTHSCREEN material is made of conductive carbon fibers uniquely woven to reduce the electric signal of the human body. HECS STEALTHSCREEN helps hunters get closer to game while delivering the highest standards of comfort and performance.

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About HECS
HECS is recognized as a world leader in concealment technology. An Oregon-based company,  HECS supplies apparel and equipment to the hunting, dive, wildlife photography and research industries. HECS STEALTHSCREEN’s conductive carbon grid works to reduce the electric signal emitted by the human body. For more information go to: HECS