Goat Tuff Products, known for its quality line of archery glues, Opti-Vanes and the revolutionary Equalizer Release Aid has come up with the most remarkable Bow Carrier ever designed, the new GT CLAW™.

 The most convenient, easiest to use, most secure Bow Carrier made today. The ‘CLAW’ is worn comfortably on your belt where you simply insert the bow handle and rotate into the capture position leaving your hands free. You can walk, climb, twist, step over obstacles and even sit and the ‘CLAW’ securely holds your bow, with out tipping, right where you need it for quick retrieval.


  • Allows Hands Free
  • Belt Mounted
  • Keeps Bow Handy, Secure
  • Allows Walking, Climbing, Sitting, Bending
  • Rubber Coated Hooks Protect Bow Finish
  • Fits Most Bows
  • Steel With Tough Powder Coat Finish
  • Avail. In Right & Left Hand
  • Pat. Pending
  • Made in USA

High Tech design takes convenience a step farther for archers.

GOAT TUFF President Jerry Smith had this to say, “The new GT ‘CLAW’ is a unique design that is belt worn and carries your bow conveniently at your side. The bow is rotated into the rubber coated hooks where it will stay securely in place leaving the archer’s hands free. With the CLAW the user is free to climb, twist, bend and sit without worrying the bow will tip, shift or fall out. To retrieve the bow you simple rotate the bow and you are ready to shoot.”


Insert and rotate bow riser. So easy and so secure.

Loaded and ready to go.


The GT ‘CLAW’ Bow Carrier is made of steel and finished with a tough powder coated finish. Available in right and left hand.


With the GT CLAW you can walk, bend, twist, sit, climb, step over objects and your bow stays put.


GOAT TUFF Products also offers the popular line of Goat Tuff glues and cleaning products for both the professional and DIY arrow maker, the innovative Opti-Vane Series and revolutionary Equalizer Release Aid.

The GT CLAW will be available April 2012.

For video of CLAW inaction go to: GT CLAW Bow Carrier

For more information Email: goattuff@msn.com  on the web at: www.goattuffproducts.com or facebook.com/goattuffproducts