Day 10

By: Roy Goodwin

The hunt is winding down fast, and the internal pressure to try to make something happening in mounting. No one ever wants to go home with un-punched tags, but we all know that is a fact of life when hunting, and all the more so when bowhunting! Because four of us started this trip with two tags each we’ve know since day five that they weren’t all going to get used. Now each of us hopes to punch at least one! It was with those thoughts heavy on our minds that we headed out to our blinds after breakfast this morning.

I was offered any one of a dozen blinds to sit this morning. I hate when that happens because the decision is all mine! There were potential “pros and cons” to several of them and virtually unknown information on others. I decided to stick with the one called “Lion” which I had sat the last couple days. There are a lot of does there and yesterday I got a brief glance at an eight pointer before the cows ran him off. Perhaps he would return?

I borrowed a sling shot from one of the guides to help discourage the cows from staying should they return and then settled in for another long day.

I saw all my familiar does and fawns which kept coming and going all day at a steady pace, but no buck and no cows. How do you suppose they knew I was armed with a sling shot today?

Mark sat the blind Chris shot his buck out of the day before. There are lots of does there and the rut seems about ready to start so he hoped another buck might cruise through. It did, but it didn’t stick around long enough for a shot. A decent eight point, Mark is hoping for a better chance at him tomorrow. Mark did have a large bobcat come by his stand at 10 yards yesterday offering a great shot opportunity but Mark didn’t realize they were covered under his license and didn’t shoot.

Kyle Hudgins scores on a nice trophy buck.

Travis and Kyle went to another property to try their luck and stayed in town last night. We got a late report that Kyle connected on a great buck.

Wrap Up:

I’m writing this at the close of the last day of our hunt. Tomorrow early in the morning we all start the long trip home with this hunt behind us. We made new friends and tightened the bond with old ones. We’ve shared some exciting moments as well as some frustration. All in all it was a great bowhunting adventure. Now for the day’s report:

I went back to the first blind I start when I arrived. In retrospect I never should have left it as the largest buck seen during the entire hunt was seen at this blind by Mark. We got to the blind earlier than usual and settled in quickly. The sound of the truck leaving had barely drifted off into the distance when the first doe arrived. She was followed shortly by her doe fawn. They stayed for a while and then fed off peacefully. Next can a decent six pointer. Decent in that he wasn’t one of the little one and a half year old buck but still not quite a shooter…..even on the last day! After the six pointer fed and left, two more does arrived. They were followed by a small six who was still at the feed when I spotted an eight pointer heading my way through the trees.

The eight pointer was a “shooter” that I believe would score around 75 inches. He came in slowly and cautiously but finally made it to the feed. He fed but only facing straight at the blind offering no shot. He left quickly with any potential shot blocked by a tree and the little six pointer that was still hanging around. The excitement level was high but there was no opportunity.

The day continued like that with a steady stream of deer until after lunch. When the sun set I had enjoyed a great day but still had an un-punched tag.

Mark went back to the first blind he had sat today. He saw a lot of does and a decent eight point yesterday and was hoping for a shot at the buck today. Like me, he should have stayed in this blind all week as Chris shot the biggest buck of the week from this blind after Mark moved. Mark saw a lot of does and one small buck but his tag also remains un-punched.

Travis closes out his hunt with a nice buck.

Travis Todd hunted another ranch again today and had a lot of excitement. There was a “hot doe” around his blind that brought with her a steady steam of potential suitors. Todd connected on a heavy racked buck estimated to be seven or eight years old. Kyle and Chris weren’t hunting as their tags were filled a few days earlier.

In summary it was a great hunt. Mark and I failed to fill our tags but not because we didn’t have our chances. Plans are already being formulated to try this again next January. The bucks are here and Steve and his crew certainly know how to hunt them.

To hunt South Arizona contact: Ward Outfitters