Darton Lineup Strong for 2012

From: Bruce Plude

Darton Archery started overhauling their compound product line in 2007 with the introduction of the Dual Sync Cam system. Not to stand still, Rex Darlington, President and Lead Engineer has continued to make improvements to it’s flagship DS-3800, to refine an already terrific shooting experience.

The Dual Sync Cam system that powers the DS-3800 enables it to be one of the easiest to draw, flattest shooting performance bows in the market today. We realize everyone states this about their bows, but industry insiders agree that Darton is one of the few companies whose bows performs as advertised, right out of the box. The 2012 DS-3800 has deeper string grooves in both the cams and modules to cradle the string during the shot to minimize bowstring oscillation for added efficiency. Darton has also added a groove machined in the arrow shelf to aid in arrow tuning. Combine this with the proven PTR [Progressive Torque Reduction introduced in 2011] cable guard rod that minimizes limb torque during the shot cycle and you truly have a bow you cannot put down.

Discover more about the Darton DS-3800 and the entire DARTON line of Dual Sync powered bows at www.dartonarchery.com. Shoot one and you will see why 60 plus years of being the leader in cam technology will cause you to leave other bows on the shelf and a Darton in your hands.

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