By: Gary Elliott

This year Spypoint came out with a 4.7” X 3.5” X 2.7” size 8.0 MP camera unlike anyone else’s on the market. Unlike the others, Spypoint has engineered a way to leave your main camera untouched and yet get pictures without the high cost of a cellular service.

The Tiny-W works by taking pictures with the main camera and wirelessly transfers those pictures to the second SD card held in the canister up to 50 feet in distance. This allows you as a hunter to view your pictures or switch cards without putting human scent where your main camera is.

The Tiny-W is packed full of features:

  • High, medium or low wireless photo transmission
  • 50 ft wireless transmission
  • Built-in 2” color viewing screen
  • 3 sensors for a total of 7 zone detection range
  • Sliding mount for easy on/off
  • 38 infrared LED night-time illumination
  • Auto infrared level adjustment
  • Video resolution 640X480
  • Sound recording
  • Color pics by day and B/W by night
  • Multi-shot mode up to 6 pictures per detection (great option to catch those fast moving objects)
  • Auto prints date, time, temp and moon phase on “every” picture.
  • Holds up to a 32 GB SD/SDHC card
  • USB and TV Port
  • Adjustable distance detection sensor (5 to 50ft)
  • The camera requires six AA batteries or can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack and recharged with solar panel which is optional.
  • Comes with USB and video cables

I tested the wireless range moving the canister/black box to different areas of the house and causing the transmission to go through walls and found that the wireless was near flawless. So, as a hunter I feel better about getting those shots of a buck walking through or maybe even Sasquatch. I would highly suggest prior to securing everything to verify the range is working for you.

Another feature of the wireless remote feature keeping the images safe and,  how many of us have lost a trail camera to a thief?  I have and it isn’t a good feeling. Now with the Tiny-W if someone takes your camera your images are not only safe in the remote box but there is a very good chance your Tiny-W took a good, close up picture of the thief.  Now just load the SD/SDHC card from there and check out who stole your camera.

The Tiny-W serves more than the hunter it can be also be used in security and surveillance situations where items need to be monitored or activity recorded in your home or office during non working hours. Either case the Spypoint Tiny-W is the camera for the job.

For more go to: Spypoint