From: Aaron McCaleb – Source Outdoor Group

Long recognized as an industry leader across the globe in optic performance, Kowa offers a variety of optics designed to take your hunt to another level.

Knowing that no optic can reach its full potential unless its lenses are of extraordinary quality, Kowa has continually united electronics, optics and mechanics to create significant new technologies to achieve the extraordinary. Considered by many to offer the brightest and clearest sight picture on the market today, anywhere in the world, Kowa optics are extraordinary.

Kowa designed premier binoculars, spotting scopes and digiscoping technologies specifically with the outdoorsman in mind.

The TSN 880 Series is the flagship of Kowa spotting scopes featuring a large 88mm objective lens. The pure fluorite used in these models reduces chromatic aberration, providing hunters with the ultimate viewing experience. The inner focus system keeps the prism box light and compact, while the large 88mm objective lens provides overwhelming brightness.

The magnesium alloy body not only makes the scope lightweight, but it provides a rugged structure that can withstand the abuse of the hunt. The dual-focus mechanism allows focusing in two revolutions and fine pinpoint accuracy in one system. The eyepiece locking mechanism secures the eyepiece to the scope body preventing it from getting lost or falling off.

The brass insert to the tripod mount of the scope allows the scope to be secured to both ¼ and 3/8 inch mount tripods. The waterproof housing is filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging.

Kowa Genesis Binoculars

The Kowa Genesis binoculars guarantee a clear view allowing the deer hunter to study his quarry. Two Prominar XD Lens elements eliminate chromatic aberration, and all lenses and prisms are manufactured with a multilayered coating, ensuring a bright and clear visual range. The magnesium frame makes them light, durable and easy to carry on every trip to the woods. The waterproof housing is filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging, allowing you to use them in the rain and during other harsh weather conditions.

Having long been identified as a pioneer in the field of optics, Kowa continues to set the pace. So before you set out on your next hunt, grab a set of Kowa Optics. While seeing is believing, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing.

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