New from Darton – Hot DS 3900

From: Bruce Plude

There are two things you can’t coach in competitive sports: size and speed. You either have “It” or you don’t. Those that have “It” get most of the playing time and accolades: those that don’t stand on the sidelines and watch. Darton Archery introduces the DS 3900 for 2012 – the bow that has “It”.

The size is perfect. The new riser has been designed for a fresh look and reduced weight, while maintaining Darton’s renowned shootability. The DS 3900 is a compact 32 7/8” axle to axle making “It” easily maneuverable in a tree stand or ground blind. “It” is powered by the latest generation Dual Sync Cam with EET Laminated Quad limbs and equipped with Darton’s Bowstring Noise Suppression System that virtually eliminates all objectionable vibration and noise.

DS 3900 is jaw dropping fast. “It” is boasting IBO speeds of 350 – 355 fps with a 5” brace height. Don’t be afraid of the brace height; Darton has engineered “It” to be shootable just like the rest of the family of Darton Compound bows. You will be impressed. For more information on “It” visit Darton Archery at . The DS 3900 – the bow with “It”.

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