A Heavenly Birthday Party – Papa Bear

By: Frank Addington, Jr

Today in heaven there’s quite a stir. It’s a big day. The campfire is blazing, the hunters are gathering around the campfire to enjoy their venison backstraps and swap stories, jokes and tales. Rev. Stacy Groscup is going to entertain with a few new trick shots. Glenn St. Charles has an idea for a new club and Dick Lattimer is busy snapping photos and taking notes. Dave Staples is busy making preparations for the party. Earl Hoyt is tinkering on a gadget he’s making as a gift for this special day while his wife Ann shares the story of the deer she harvested today. Doug Walker is busy taking photos too. Frank Scott is sitting by the fire, relaxing and taking it all in…. when all at once here comes the birthday boy and everyone starts singing “Happy Birthday to you…” Fred Bear has a tear run down his cheek, his friends have remembered his 110th birthday. It is a special day in Heaven indeed.

Hard to believe Fred’s been gone now almost 24 years. Far too long. I miss his jokes, those big shoulders rocking with laughter… and that smile. Such a warm, great man. I have a quote he wrote me that I keep near my desk, it ends with “It is not required that a great man be without fault..” Fred Bear.

In honor of his birthday, here’s a video you may enjoy, Theo Nugent’s “FRED BEAR” song. Ted has done more to honor and keep Fred’s name and what he stood for in front of the masses than any among our ranks.
Watch that video and enjoy. FRED BEAR

Today let’s remember not just our pal Fred, but all of our archery friends that have passed way too early. They are greatly, greatly missed. I will dedicate my next show to these greats.

Shoot Straight,

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