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BowJax Attempts To Silence Jimmy Big Time
Bowjax Sponsors The One and Only Jimmy “Big Time” Miller.

Jimmy Big Time, the first and only scripted outdoor comedy in outdoor programming, is proud to announce their new partnership with Bowjax, the innovators of one of the most complete lineups of bow dampener and silencer systems on the market.

“We are excited to work with a TV show that brings out the best humor in outdoor entertainment,” said Bowjax Principal, Becky Wright. “Our team looks forward to a great 2012 and beyond with the Big Time.”

Now preparing to blaze into their fourth season, Jimmy “Big Time” and his team of misfits look forward to muffle the vibration and noise of their equipment using one of the most complete lineups of bow dampening and silencing systems. Bowjax has revolutionized the meaning of silence and a shock-free shot.

There is only one Jimmy 'Big Time' Miller

Jimmy Big Time is a documentary style comedy that showcases the antics of fictional character Jimmy “Big Time” Miller and his motley crew of assistants. The show has paved a new road in outdoor programming and continues to grow support from avid fans that just can’t get enough of the Big Time. Each week Jimmy tests his skills against the biggest names in outdoor television and demonstrates skillful tactics that in his mind are guaranteed to deliver a successful hunt.

Be sure to catch all the hilarious antics of The Big Time Crew as they continue on their road to the pinnacle of the Outdoor Industry. Learn more at

About Bowjax, Inc.
Bowjax, Inc® is a premium supplier and innovator of one of the most complete lineups of bow dampener and silencer systems on the market. Bowjax offers dampeners for bow limbs, risers, stabilizers and cable guards, along with silencers for bowstrings and cables. For more information visit or call (208) 762-3692.

About Big Time Entertainment: Big Time Entertainment is an award winning production company with over 50 years of combined outdoor television production.