BuckEye Cam Offers Bow Coach at Reduced Price

BuckEye Cam is pleased to announce that the Bow Coach now has a REDUCED price!

The Bow Coach – the innovative archery training tool – now has a reduced price.  You can pick yours up for only $55.00!  With the 3-D season heating up, now is a great time to “Get Trained”!  The Bow Coach is a great tool for novice and experience archers and hunters.The Bow Coach is easy to use, too!  Simply mount it to the accessory mounting holes on either the riser of your bow, quiver holder, or sight.  Activate the Bow Coach, draw, anchor, and release.  The Bow Coach will give you a graphical read out of your shot cycle!Whether you are just starting out or have been at it for years, the Bow Coach is an excellent tool for archers!
  • Develops Proper Muscle Memory
  • Excellent tool for bow setup and bow shops – Show your customers how they are actually shooting the bow!
  • Excellent shooting aid to encourage consistency in your shooting form
  • Instant Feedback on EVERY shot!
  • Works with any type of form and follow through
  • Mounts easily to your riser or sight
  • Since it has 3 levels, it is a great tool for everyone from beginners to pro shooters!

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