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Fred Lutger

The next day David Mills phoned his neighbor, Eugene, who has an orange grove close by. Dave and Eugene took me to a corner of the orchard where I would watch two perimeter roads bordering the orchard. But no sightings, no gobbles.

David suggested I try the far corner in the morning. I did, and heard one hen call farther down the road.

I stayed until noon and drove to town to replenish my water supply and get a cushion at Walmart for my chair. The chair sits a little low and I’ve been sitting on my back pack. It’s pretty lumpy and after 3 1/2 days something told me a boat cushion would feel better for the afternoon hunt.

All was quiet at first. It started to rain. The rain turned into a thunderstorm. It was so nice being inside the Double Bull blind and out of the weather.

I glanced up and a hen was approaching. She looked at the decoy and turned around and disappeared into the orchid. An hour later in the pouring rain she came back out on the road and once again approached the decoy.


Unlike yesterday’s hen, she just fed around the decoy pecking at the ground awhile and then she headed for the nearby woods. At dusk I watched as she flew up and roosted for the night.

I left my my gear in the blind and headed out. The rain didn’t stop and I got soaked before I reached the car.


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