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Fred Lutger

2012 PSE Bow Set Up: By Fred Lutger

Bow: PSE Pro Series X-Force

It all starts with the bow, the Pro Series X-Force I set up for deer season last year and it is the perfect choice for turkey hunting. It is fast, has a very flat trajectory.and  all black with black accessories. Sitting in the blind this bow disappears. It is easy and smooth drawing from a sitting position. To PSE

COBRA 3-pin fiber optic sight: This sight is also all black to match the bow. It has a rheostat blue light to brighten up the pins in the dark blind. Even though it is light out, the dark insides of the blind don’t always brighten the pins. This light helps. I want to place my shot perfectly and I need this boost of brightness to help my old eyes. For more go to: Cobra Archery

VibraCheck Stabilizer: I chose a 5 inch black stabilizer to match the black bow. It helps take shock and vibration out of the bow. Go to: VibraCheck

Octane 5-arrow bowquiver: This quiver has magnets in the hood that grabs the broadhead. With the expandable Grim Reaper heads I use this works out nice. There is no foam the broadhead is shoved into. Arrow removal is quick and quiet.  For more: Fuel The Hunt

Octane capture rest: I get perfect arrow flight with this rest. Being a capture rest my arrow is held in place. In tight quarters of a blind if I bump my arrow it stays in place. One less thing to worry about as the turkey approaches.

Pine Ridge Archery kisser button and release loop: I won’t shoot without a kisser button. I did for years and sometimes had trouble with my anchor point when sitting and twisting in a blind. This makes my anchor point positive every shot. The release loop from Pine Ridge is bright colored and easy to find at a glance. It is also strong and durable. For more: Pine Ridge Archery

Blacks Creek wrist sling: A wrist sling helps you shoot with a relaxed grip and eliminates bow torque as well as right and left misses. I chose Blacks Creek’s braided sling because it is a bit wider than most braided slings on the market. It is very comfortable shot after shot. For more: Blacks Creek

Aim Outdoors Peep Sight: I like an archery peep sight with an aperture big enough to see through in low light conditions. This peep has an oblong opening that turns into a circle at full draw. I align this circle with the circle pin guard on the Cobra bowsight and then put my pin on target. This gives you better accuracy. For more: AIM Archery

Silencers: PSE sends this bow from the factory with silencers installed. It has an installed string stop. As fast as this bow is, it is quiet out of the box. For more: PSE Archery


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