By: Gary Elliott

Not too long ago I wrote about another SKB case, the Parallel Limb Bow model #3I-4214-PL and what an awesome case for parallel limb bows it was. Well if you were not an owner of a parallel limb bow you may be very interested in this case.

The XL stands for ‘Extra large’ and the 2SKB-4120 Hunter XL fits that bill. It was designed to accommodate some of the newer parallel limb bow sizes such as the Mathews Z7, Z9 bows with the quiver attached and it comes at an affordable price. The 2SKB-4120 Hunter XL works great for my ROSS Carnivore and even with the quiver attached there is ample room for accessories.

This roomy case protects your bow first with a strong, rigid ABS shell that features an attractive embossing that actually provides additional structural support.

The case has an eight point interlocking stacking system which is nice if you happen to be a retailer or have more than one of these cases.  “SKB’s Perfect-Match” valance bending system provides a tight and secure fit that helps prevent dirt, dust and moisture from the interior of the case. The case also features lockable draw-bolt metal latches and a very comfortable carrying handle. The empty case weighs a light eleven pounds. While some cases are built to withstand hurricanes and trucks driving over them you pay the price in weight. This case is built strong and reliable and makes it a pleasure to store and carry your bow in.

The interior is a plush lined EPS inserts for maximum impact resistance and new state of the art water-jet cut polyethylene foam arrow system that will accommodate up to a dozen arrows. This great case retails for about $160, a small price for the features and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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