By: Tom Claycomb III

One fun thing about writing is that you get to test new products. I get to know what new products are coming up before they hit the market and many times get to test the protocol models and make suggestions for improvement.

That makes sense of course. If you come up with a new product you want to get writers to write about it and stir up interest in the buying public. Where I worry is that to me product ought to last for years and stand up to the hard life of an outdoorsman which means that you could not write about a product until you’d tested it for at least 1-2 seasons. Well, no one wants to read about a product that came out in 2009 in the New Product list for 2012. So with all of this said, when I write about something I try to give it a legitimate test but please realize I haven’t necessarily gotten to test it on the Bataan Death March.

So, with that said, this Product Review will be on a product that is so new that it is only in one store as of yet (Bass Pro Shop) but you can order it by calling (781) 541-6900 or go to

Today we’re going to talk about ThermaCELL’s Heated Insoles. I’ve used their mosquito repellant for years and knew that they had top quality product so when Allegra Lowett at ThermaCELL asked me to test their Heated Insole in December I said sure. They are literally just hitting the market.

The sole looks like somewhat like a padded insole that you would put in shoes or boots. They come with a plug-in charger that looks like a cell phone charger that has a split tail so you can charge both insoles at once.

Perfect for Predator Hunting in cold weather.

To activate the soles there is an on/off switch on the heel of the sole. They come with a remote control that will work from up to 7 feet away. It has three levels, Off, Medium and High. To turn it on hit either Medium or High. Medium will heat up to 100 degrees and High at 111 degrees.

They will stay charged for up to four hours. If you do it right, you can make them last for most of the day on many outdoor events. Let’s say that you’re snowmobiling. Don’t turn them on until you start riding. Then, when you stop to build a fire and cook lunch turn them off. That way you extend the life of the charge.

They don’t overheat so they don’t make your feet sweat. ThermaCELL compares it to your house heating system in that it will maintain a constant temp. One fear that I had was that I don’t buy my boots extra large so I was afraid that they would cramp my feet. For whatever reason that hasn’t been the case. They don’t seem to bother me.

They are advertised as being water resistant, not water proof. If they get wet, turn them off and dry them out as soon as possible.

Possible uses? I see that they’d be good for any sedate activities where you’re inactive where your feet can really get cold, such as ice fishing, football games, sitting in a treestand or being locked out of the house when you come home late from a hunting trip. I see them quickly becoming a big hit with so many people who spend time outdoors when it’s cold. I know when I hunt out of treestands and perfect for late season football games.

I am afraid that as soon as my wife sees them she will steal them, as she gets cold somewhat easily…..or should I break down and just buy her a pair too?

Don’t stand for cold feet – go to: ThermaCELL Heated InSoles