Gear Review: VaneTec ‘ArrowSmith’ Arrow Builder Adhesive Kit

By: Dave Conrad Senior Field Evaluator

Arrow prepping is a task that many archers do not take the time to do correctly. Most of my fellow archers rely on their local pro shops to complete this job, which most of the time is fine, but for me this is one task that I do not want to leave to chance.

My season’s preparation routine includes many important aspects to ensure that I first start off with quality components. Shafts are of the major importance when it comes to accuracy. Consistency in spine, weight and straightness all contribute to accuracy but also how the arrow is guided makes all the difference in the world. By guiding I am talking vanes, vane types and preparation and preparation is key.

New ArrowSmith Arrow Builders Adhesion Kit

VaneTec has been an up and coming manufacturer that has taken preparation to a whole new level this year. Many archers believe that you just get a jig, put glue on a vane and slap it on the arrow. Then they wonder half way through the season why the vanes are coming off or separating from the shaft. The new ArrowSmith product has all the essentials needed to get the job done correctly from start to finish.

The new ArrowSmith Adhesion Kit includes four products that cover every step of arrow vane preparation. This is key because each component is vital in making sure your arrow is prepped and completed the correct way every time.

V-Tough Insert & Component Adhesive
To start off right you need inserts and nock inserts that will not fail upon release or impact. V-Tough ensures that your components are rock solid and can stand up to the rigors of hours of practice as well as the critical release on the hunt. I have been testing this product on two different arrows, one carbon and the other with an aluminum insert and both demonstrate great results.

Vanetec knows what effect shelf life can have on any type of adhesive. That is why V-Tough is made to order so you are guaranteed the freshest possible. It comes in an easy dispensable .71 ounce bottle with a sure fit resealable cap.

UnderCoat Primer
The key to getting a great adhesive to stick is to have a clean surface. UnderCoat Primer enables the fletching adhesive to do its best. The 2 ounce pump spray bottle disperses the cleaning solution evenly over a surface meaning no waste when compared to cloth based cleaners which dry out quickly. The number one culprit to an adhesive not performing is skin oil from fingers. Two quick sprays on each side of the arrow is all it takes. UnderCoat Primer will air dry in a few short minutes so you can then apply the vanes using VT-2000.

As the name applies this is the next generation of VaneTec popular VT-1000 adhesive. The adhesive comes in a handy to use 0.7 ounce bottle with a fine tip applicator. Combining the tip with the stable viscosity of the product allows for precise applications. The tip also allows for a manageable bead for any type fletching or fletching material. The VT-2000 glue quickly adheres to the arrow surface, even slick or shiny coatings and experimenting shows no effect in cooler temperatures. I use a semi-gloss coated arrow and have no problems with vanes sticking and my bow speeds exceed 300 fps. In addition, freezer tests have proven to me that the late winter season should have no detrimental effects on my arrow vanes, which just happen to be VaneTec as well. Even though the bottle is only 0.7 of an ounce, a little goes a long way and this one bottle will handle a large number of vane applications. This latest adhesive seems to bond with minimal surface coverage and should increase the number of fletchings compared to similar products.

In conclusion, for around a reasonable forty bucks you can have a single kit that includes everything you need to ensure your arrows are prepped correctly for fletching. So now I ask, why trust someone else prepping your arrows when you can now have the confidence in a product to do them yourself?

For more go to: VaneTec

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