From: Aaron McCaleb – Source Outdoor Group

The innovators at Dead Down Wind are pleased to announce the newest product in their scent-control line of products, the Speed Stick Polymeric Bow Wax.

This Dead Down Wind scent-free product affords the hunter the option to apply it freely to bow strings, crossbow rails and firearms for conditioning or lubrication purposes without concern of being detected as with other products. The convenient stick container allows the user to pocket it for easy storage and access in hunting packs or coat pockets.

The Speed Stick is no stranger in areas where scent control is less critical, such as on the target range, due to its compact dispenser and ability to enhance arrow removal from targets. Although waterfowl and turkeys can’t detect odors, they are sure to fall prey to the Speed Stick’s ability to silence squeaks and unwanted sounds at inopportune times.

The Speed Stick Wax can be used for many reasons and any season. Dead Down Wind Speed Stick….the bow wax that does so much more.

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