From: Aaron McCaleb – Source Outdoor Marketing

When hunting or target shooting, you want your arrow to perform at its best. With three models to choose from, NuFletch fletch bodies offer the most consistent and accurate fletching available for most any arrow, ensuring you get the best performance possible.

All NuFletch fletch bodies are CNC machined ferrules from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. The ferrules contain three milled slots engineered to align the vanes and securely lock them into position. These slots allow the option of straight or offset fletching. All models are made with exclusive fusion-style vanes made by Norway Industries. The fletch bodies are designed for perfect indexing of the vanes, whether it is a single vane replacement or a complete arrow re-fletch. The vane replacement takes only seconds to complete, making the task easy.

Spectrum Standard

The Spectrum Standard model will fit most standard carbon arrow shafts using the RPS system. It screws into the back end of the arrow through the use of a common RPS insert, just as the broadhead screws into the front end.

Spectrum Light

The Spectrum Light model is designed for slim-line arrows, such as the Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows or the Easton Epic Series arrows requiring Hidden Insert Technology.

Spectrum X

The Spectrum X model will fit most standard carbon bolt arrows using the RPS system. Similar to the Standard model, the Spectrum X model screws into the back end of the bolt through the use of a common RPS insert.

The new arrow fletch bodies from NuFletch ensure truer flight and deeper penetration of the arrow, allowing for maximization of arrow performance.

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