From: Sue Bookhout – SB Media Group

More than ever the youth of the world face potential hearing loss from a wide variety of sources. In response, ALTUS BRANDS has introduced an exciting new product, the ReVO line of hearing protection ear muffs specifically designed for smaller heads and smaller ears.

“Our children have been at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to quality hearing protection,” stated Altus Brand’s Executive Vice President Charlie Ricci. “Most youth hearing protection is either very uncomfortable or more of a children’s toy.”

Pro Ears ReVO Hearing Protection:

With the hundreds of ways kids are exposed to hearing damaging noise levels, especially in their formative years, we at Pro Ears were determined to create a product kids would want to wear AND that provided an adult level of protection. Our new ReVO line of passive hearing protection muffs are made to fit smaller heads comfortably, offer protection and with knock out graphics every kid will want to wear. ReVO Hearing Protection is a major advancement for all our children exposed to dangerous noise levels such as the shooting
sports, rock concerts, auto racing and many other circumstances where high or constant noise levels can cause progressive hearing damage.

Product features:

  •   NRR 26 Protection
  •   Adult level of protection with smaller interior circumference ear seals  for a better fit on smaller head and ears
  •   Tighter, adjustable radius headband
  •   Super-Sized ProForm leather ear cushions reduces potential gaps around smaller ears
  •   Exciting graphics kids will love.
  •   One Year Warranty
  •   Made in the USA
  •   Pro Ears quality and rugged dependability
  •   MSRP is $39.95
  •   Available in a variety of colors and patterns

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