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The Raspy Old Hen Pan Calls From Hunter’s Specialties®
Offer Outstanding Sound Quality

The new Raspy Old Hen friction pan calls from Hunter’s Specialties® offer hunters a great sounding call at an affordable price.

The Raspy Old Hen is available in both slate and glass versions allowing hunters to produce a wide range of turkey sounds, from soft yelps to loud excited cutting. The calls have custom molded pans for outstanding consistency.

HS Raspy Old Hen Glass Call

“The way the call is constructed helps hunters be more consistent when calling,” said Hunter’s Specialties Pro Staff member Eddie Salter. “This call is one of the best in reproducing natural turkey sounds.”

The Raspy Old Hen friction pan calls come packaged with a Raspy Old Hen Premium Flex™ diaphragm call, which features two reeds with a double split top reed for extra rasp and volume.

HS Raspy Old Hen Slate Call

The Raspy Old Hen calls sell for a suggested retail price of $15.99

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